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Post Workout Snacks That Make You Fat

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Dieting and exercise have become significant nowadays. Earlier, the focus was on fast weight decrease through anti-obesity drugs and crash diets. Over the past few years a lot of people have started to realize that reducing weight begins with a balanced diet and exercise. But what if the snacks that you are consuming post workout are making you fat?

On one hand we are focusing on eating the right foods for weight decrease and on the other hand we are exercising hard to lose weight. Eating healthy snacks post workout can be probably the most rewarding way to shed weight while still having the ability to enjoy a large number of foods.

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Post Workout Snacks That Make You Fat

Let us discuss some snacks that we should not consume post workout. The easiest food to reach out for and believed to be very good for our health are smoothies and shakes. But be careful. Store-bought smoothies and shakes are high in calories and contain a lot of sugar. This will only add to your weight.

Post Workout Snacks That Make You Fat

Many people go for yogurt coated dry fruits believing that they are good for health. Beware! These are just sugar coated which gives them the taste and these are high in calories. Instead go for dried fruits and nuts that have not been salted.

Post Workout Snacks That Make You Fat

Avocado is believed to contain healthy fats and is a hot favourite with nutritionists. This is because post workout, you should have more of healthy carbohydrates and proteins to help the body to recover, repair and replenish. Fats actually slow down the body's recovery.

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Yogurt is a healthy snack, no doubt. However, be careful while choosing the type of yogurt you are reaching out for. Avoid flavoured yogurt at all cost as it contains synthetic flavours and loads of sugar. This will only end up adding weight to your body.

Post Workout Snacks That Make You Fat

Post workout, our body craves for carbohydrates. That is when people reach out for bread and jelly or peanut butter which is full of sugar. Avoid these at all cost as these are high in calories. Instead, go for whole grain bread and natural nut butter.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 4, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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