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Objectives Of World Population Day

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The main objective of the world population day is to educate the people about the problems of population explosion.

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The whole world needs to wake up to this issue as the increasing population rates may affect the sharing or resources and may cause several other problems like unemployment, poverty and and inadequate medical facilities.

The World Population Day is celebrated everywhere on 11th of July every year. Generally, several activities are conducted all over the world in order to draw more attention to the cause.

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These activities include seminars, essay writing competitions, poster designs, slogans, artwork that demonstrates the issue, speeches, songs, debates, lectures and even workshops.

Some of the primary objectives of world population day are:


Objective #1

To empower the youth and to educate them about various aspects of sexuality so that they can delay marriage till the time they can handle the responsibilities.


Objective #2

To make the youth understand about the ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy by using safe birth control methods.


Objective #3

To eliminate certain gender stereotypes and ideas that exist in the society.


Objective #4

To explain them about illnesses during pregnancy and certain health dangers and effects of early childbirth.


Objective #5

To spread awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention.


Objective #6

To bring out certain laws to protect the rights of a girl child.


Objective #7

To ensure that both boys and girls get equal access to education.


Objective #8

To ensure access of proper reproductive health care services to couples everywhere.

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