There Are Enough Natural Medicines At Your Home To Treat Bruises; Try Them For A Fast Relief

By: Shubham Ghosh

Bruises are black-blue spots that are formed on the skin as a result of an injury. When we physically get hurt, the small blood vessels in that part of the body get damaged and blood spills out of them. There are certain home remedies for bruises that can help treat the condition better.

The blood leak to the surrounding tissue areas can cause the black-blue spots or bruises, which causes pain.

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Healing of bruises take a considerable period of time, but if you choose from the following home remedies, your pain can be alleviated much faster, may be even by overnight.

Besides these home remedies, there are also other things one should keep in mind while treating bruises.

Avoid moving and stretching a lot if you have a bruise, so that it doesn't get aggravated. Always start the treatment as fast as you can, so that the injury doesn't get serious.

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Do not self-prescribe aspirin-like medicines, and consult a doctor for the right medication.

However to treat the pain better at home, here are 13 such highly effective home remedies to cure bruises:


1. Ice:

Applying ice on the bruise is the best you can do as a preliminary treatment. It has a cooling effect on the injury and controls the blood leakage. Use the ice cube for at least 10 minutes and at the most for 20 minutes.


2. Frozen Vegetables:

You can also use frozen vegetables wrapped in a soft towel and apply it on the bruise. The cooling effect will be quite effective.


3. Chocolate:

The cocoa bioactive properties in chocolates cure inflammation and are helpful in giving you a healthy skin. You can apply warm melted chocolate on the bruised area, as it controls the flow of blood. But, ensure that the chocolate for the external treatment isn't too hot.


4. Soft And Elastic Bandage:

To prevent the bruise's effect from spreading, immediately cover it with a soft and elastic bandage, so that the blood flow stops fast.


5. Herbal Tea:

Add herbs like chamomile and lavender flowers in hot water and keep it for some time and then use a cloth soaked in the mixture and cover it on the bruised area for a fast relief.


6. Hot Water:

Pressing a bottle of hot water against the bruise will also calm down the effect by slowing the flow of blood to the affected tissues. A clean towel or cloth soaked in hot water can also be used for the same purpose.


7. Raw potato:

Place pieces of raw potatoes on the bruise, so that it heals faster.


8. Pineapple:

The enzyme present in pineapple is really helpful in treating damaged blood vessels.


9. Vitamin C:

Citrus fruits besides broccoli, sweet potatoes, pepper, etc., also help in healing skin inflammation faster.


10. Vitamin K:

Increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin K like cauliflower and green, leafy vegetables, as they treat clotting of blood and damage to the tissues caused by injury.


11. Castor Oil:

Gently massage the bruise with castor oil. It not only reduces the injury, but also stops the skin from peeling off after the bruise gets healed.


12. Sugar:

The antibacterial properties in sugar make it a helpful agent in healing wounds. If you have an unstoppable blood flow caused by an injury, pour some sugar on the wound. It will stop instantly. Applying hot sugar syrup on the bruise will also help.


13. Papaya:

The enzyme in papaya called papain helps in treating several skin ailments. Consumption of papaya also helps in healing the bruise faster.

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