Have You Washed Your Towel In The Last Six Months? If Not, You Are inviting Trouble For Your Health

By: Shubham Ghosh

A towel is our everyday friend. Even before Ranbir Kapoor had made it a 'style statement' of sort in his debut film "Saawariya", the innocuous piece of cloth had been known to give us company - both at home and also outside. Why are clean towels important? To know more, read on.

Towels are something that we love to possess as our own and find life uncomfortable without owning one. Such is their utility.

But, how many among us do ensure to keep the towel clean in return of all the service it gives us? Although we trust our towel, but we also treat it casually by either tossing it to the side or abandoning it in a heap.

And we do not even care to make them dry and hence they get dirty, discoloured and even wear out before time. In fact, a shabby treatment of your towel, despite using it daily, also makes you vulnerable to bacteria and diseases. So, treat your towel properly.

Here are some improper ways in which we treat our towels and must change it, so that our living becomes more hygienic. Read to know why should we use clean towels.

why are clean towels important

1. Hanging Two Towels Together From One Rack:
This is an unhygienic way of treating towels, particularly if the two pieces of clothes belong to two separate individuals. If you are hanging two used and unclean towels from the same hook or rack, you are allowing moisture and bacteria from getting trapped between the two. The idea to 'promote' exchange of uncleanliness is not a very good one.

why are clean towels important

2. Are You Regularly Washing Your Towel:
For several people, the answer is no. Have you given a thought to the fact that you daily dry yourself with the same towel after taking bath? It means you are allowing the used cloth to make yourself dirty again soon after you have washed yourself. So, wisdom lies in giving your towel a regular wash too, if not daily. Do not underestimate your towel or a skin disease may not be far off.

why are clean towels important

3. Have You Changed Your Towel In The Last Few Years:
The answer may be no. Since towel is not really a dress to be displayed, we tend to ignore it, unless age creates a hole in it. But, why not keep more than one towel instead of continuing with one, right? As common sense puts it, more towels mean less pressure on one and more scope to wash them and to use clean ones instead.

why are clean towels important

4. Using Too Much Detergent:
Do not give your towel too much of a wash with detergent. It will make it scratchy and you will feel it uncomfortable to use.

why are clean towels important

5. Washing In Hot Water:
Since towel is something which you bring in contact with your body regularly, it is always advised to wash it in hot water, so that the germs and bacteria that stick to it are killed and you get a trusted cleaning cloth.

Besides bathing towels, those used for cleaning kitchen utensils and other cleaning purposes should also be cleaned regularly.

Since towels are themselves used for cleaning purposes, it is very important to keep them clean as well or their frequent contact with dirt can make them contain bacteria and germs, which can slowly affect living members of the family.

Food poisoning, diarrhoea, E. coli, dust allergy, etc., are frequently related to uncleaned towels. Therefore, keep a close watch on your towel's health as well.

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