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Did Mr Spaghetti Just Call You From Behind? Don’t Answer; Try These 10 Ways To Kill Your Cravings

By: Shubham Ghosh

We all love to pamper our tastebuds; but a reckless pampering can take a heavy toll on our health, which is also something not beyond our knowledge. Yes, we'll be discussing more on the ways to kill food cravings in this article, read on.

Holding yourself back when passing by a bakery shop or a reputed eatery is a tough task. But, given the ability of your health to cope with a high intake of foods that cause it harm in the long run, is there any way to control your cravings for the mouth-watering foods that actually give you little value?

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Yes, there are of course ways by which you can accept and also win the challenge.

Here are 10 ways, following which you can avoid the temptation and guarantee your health that you are its best friend, take a look:

ways to kill cravings

1. Avoid What Triggers You: If unhealthy food is something which triggers your cravings, switch to an alternative and grow fresh cravings for food that keeps you healthy. It's like giving your unsuccessful affair a miss and getting your mind familiar with fresh circumstances, so that you can get a more helpful mate instead. It will be particularly great if you can grow a craving for fresh fruits.

2. Don't Surrender To Temptations, Hit Back Instead: There are a lot of temptations around us that it really gets difficult to overlook them always. But there are times when we give in to cravings and then feel guilty while having the food. Do one thing.

Even after you have bought a box of food which you know is bad for your health, ruin it. This will give you a psychological boost. Don't think about wastage of money. You might have to spend more for your health if you don't become careful now.

ways to kill cravings

3. Have Nuts: If you are feeling too eager to munch on a burger, go for two glasses of water and an ounce of nuts (20 peanuts, 10 almonds and some seven walnuts). This is enough to bury your cravings by reducing the appetite.

4. A Skim Latte Instead Of A Candy Bar, Please: Sip a skim latte instead of eating a candy bar. It is not that the caffeine will really make you satisfied, but it will help you avoid the calories by fulfilling your appetite.

ways to kill cravings

5. Is Mr Spaghetti Calling You? Don't Answer: Did Mr. Spaghetti just call you from that eatery while you crossed it? Don't answer. You heard your name being called perhaps because your body is tired and craving for carbohydrates. Go home and have whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa or wheat pasta bread and carb-rich fruits like bananas.

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ways to kill cravings

6. Kill The Hedonic Hunger: Extract of spinach, a nutrient powerhouse, containing green leafy membranes called thylakoids can help decrease what is called "hedonic hunger" or the craving for unhealthy foods like fast foods and sweets for pleasure-eating, by up to 95 per cent.

7. Don't Deprive Yourself Of The Comfort Foods: Sometimes, food becomes an emotional need than a physiological one. For example, when we have a terrible day, we try to make it up by trying the food that comforts us or having a chocolate when we are depressed. It's wise not to deprive yourself of the food you feel comfortable with. Even a small amount of that food will help you emotionally, which will in turn benefit you physically.

ways to kill cravings

8. Replace Odd Foods With Sleep: We generally crave for food when we are too tired. Try to replace consumption of valueless food with a power nap. It will make you fresh and kill the instant craving.

9. Engage Yourself: It is also when we have little work and look to kill time that we start feeling hungry. Look for an engagement and have nuts and fruits to fulfill the temporary appetite meanwhile.

10. Take The Luxury Route: Chocolates and ice-creams are among the most craved foods. It is always better to go for high-quality desserts if you really find the craving insurmountable, since they have better nutritional offerings than cheap ones that you find easily.

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