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Is Your Body Filled With Worms?

Most of us may seem healthy but only when we face certain issues, we realise that our bodies are filled with parasites. Is your body filled with worms? Let us discuss...

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Worms are parasites. They tend to live on other organisms. When you are infected by parasites, your health may go for a toss as those organisms may directly affect you or indirectly affect you by releasing certain toxins that harm your health drastically.

Generally, parasites like tapeworms, hook worms, pinworms and trichinella are considered to be dangerous. When you eat food, some of the parasites eat them to survive. Some types of parasites eat your blood cells. How do they enter your body? They can get in through your skin or the food/water you consume.

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When you go to unclean places or places that are already contaminated or infested you may get infected. Now, how to know that you have woms inside you? Read on...


Stomach Pain

Parasites may cause inflammation and thereby cause stomach pain. When parasites impact waste elimination from the body, toxins accumulate and cause pain. Also, tapeworm and roundworm infestations may also cause the pain.


Digestive Issues

Intestinal parasites may destroy the lining of intestines and cause inflammation. Nausea, gas, bloating and constipation are common symptoms. A parasite cleanse may help.


Weight Loss

When worms eat up your food, you may experience more appetite but still you might lose weight.



Some parasites can also cause rashes and hives. This is due to the toxins eliminated by parasites.



Pin worms may cause anal itching. When you scratch more bacterial infections may aggravate. Itching sensation may also disturb sleep.


Teeth Grinding

When parasites cause disturbed sleep and restlessness on bed, you may even grind your teeth in sleep.


Mood Swings

Parasites may also cause mood swings, depression and anxiety. When digestive issues occur along with the above symptoms then it a parasite infestation.



When parasites eat up your food, your body is deprived of nutrients. You tend to become weak and feel depressed. Also, the load of toxins may burden your body causing weakness.

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