12 Interesting Facts About Kleptomania - The Stealing Disease!

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Imagine you go to a clothing store, you see a beautiful dress that you wish to buy; however, it is very expensive, so do you try to steal it? No, right? Well, people with kleptomania do! Want to know more facts about kleptomania? Keep reading!

As humans we yearn for a lot of materialistic things; however, we cannot have everything we want, so an average person would try and be satisfied with what he/she can have.

When it comes to people afflicted with this mental ailment, known as kleptomania, they cannot control their urge to take or steal things without paying for them, as they cannot control their impulse to steal!

Yes, kleptomania is an impulse control disorder that is quite serious and can put a person in a lot of emotional stress and can also have legal consequences, if it is not treated at the right time!

There is a difference between a thief who has complete control over his/her actions and a person with kleptomania who has no control over his/her urges to take things illegally.

Here are a few interesting facts about kleptomania that you must read!

Fact #1

facts about kleptomania

Kleptomania is a mental disorder in which a person experiences strong impulses or urges to steal things or shoplift, without thinking of the consequences.

Fact #2

facts about kleptomania

Kleptomaniacs cannot control their urge to steal, even if they are very well aware that it may have dangerous consequences.

Fact #3

facts about kleptomania

Many a times, people with kleptomania steal things of insignificant value, just to satisfy their urges.

Fact #4

facts about kleptomania

A fact about kleptomania is that the affected people often steal things that they do not even need because they need to satisfy their impulses immediately!

Fact #5

facts about kleptomania

The motivational factor for kleptomaniacs is the sense of pleasure or relief they achieve immediately after a successful stealing session!

Fact #6

facts about kleptomania

This sense of pleasure or relief is triggered by the chemical changes that occur in their brain due to the adrenaline rush.

Fact #7

facts about kleptomania

According to a research study, kleptomania is seen more in females compared to males.

Fact #8

facts about kleptomania

One of the main symptoms of kleptomania is suffering from extreme anxiety and tension, until the theft is successfully committed.

Fact #9

facts about kleptomania

Another symptom of kleptomania is, experiencing a great sense of shame, remorse and self-hate after the act has been committed.

Fact #10

facts about kleptomania

Yet another fact about kleptomania is that some kleptomaniacs may even attain sexual gratification, after the act is committed.

Fact #11

facts about kleptomania

It is noted that many kleptomaniacs belong to fairly wealthy families or have good jobs that actually do not require them to steal things!

Fact #12

facts about kleptomania

Although kleptomania is not completely curable, psychotherapy can help repress the urges to some extent.

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Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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