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Inflammation: Food Pairings That Fight It

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You must by now know exactly what causes pimples and you may be an expert in controlling it. This is not the redness and infection you see whenever you get a cut, but something that is going on inside you, something that you cannot see, that may possibly damage your entire system.

It is called chronic inflammation, and it is found with conditions of most serious disorders, and yes it is a reason for acne. When you have chronic inflammation, your immune system does not function properly. You may catch colds and flu readily, or it might become an autoimmune disease, or lead to heart problems or cancer if left untreated.

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best food pairing that fight inflammation

If you have problems with acne, an instant treatment for acne will be to change your diet as quickly as you can. It is important that you avoid inflammatory foods. Inflammatory foods cause acne, among other stuff. Avoid fast food, largely due to the omega 6 fats and oils they contain.

best food pairing that fight inflammation

An excess of omega 6 fats may cause chronic infection. Omega 6 fats are found in corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil and margarines. Your body needs omega 6 fats, but they need to be balanced by an excellent supply of omega 3 fats which you may get from omega 3 fish oil supplements.

best food pairing that fight inflammation

Avoid pastas and white rice. Avoid simple carbohydrates like white breads, biscuits and cakes. Avoid sugar and corn products. These food items are pure starch which quickly convert to sugar within the body, wreck your resistance system and cause inflammation. Read labels carefully because they add corn syrup in almost anything nowadays.

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best food pairing that fight inflammation

There are a couple of foods which when paired together work wonders for the skin and help fight inflammation. They are spinach and blueberries, olive oil and leafy green, sweet potatoes and cayenne pepper, lentils and lemon, raspberries and grapes, almonds and kefir, and garlic, onions and brown rice.

best food pairing that fight inflammation

These food items contain ingredients that help fight inflammation to a great extent. These are antioxidants like lutein and beta-carotene, nitrates, iron, zinc, vitamin A, ellagic acid, ascorbic acid and probiotics.

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Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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