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Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Lung Cancer

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The popular saying, "prevention is better than cure" can be extremely true when it comes to deadly diseases like cancer! If you know about lung cancer, then you must also be wondering if lung cancer can be prevented, right?

Well, when it comes to potentially fatal diseases, we must always be more concerned about trying to prevent them, as there is no guarantee that they can be cured, if we do get afflicted.

Diseases like cancer can damage a person's tissues and organs. Even if it is completely cured, it can leave you with certain life-long side effects, so trying our best to prevent cancer is an ideal step to take.

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that affects the cells of the lungs, most commonly seen in long-term smokers.

However, lung cancer can also be caused in people who have never smoked too. Some of the other causes for lung cancer include exposure to toxins, heredity, etc.

The main symptoms of lung cancer are blood while coughing, chest pain, wheezing, respiratory infections, shortness of breath, appetite loss, organ damage, etc.

So, here are a few simple ways and tips that can help you prevent lung cancer, have a look!

1. Quit Smoking

tips to prevent lung cancer

Best way to prevent lung cancer is to quit smoking and never start the habit if you do not have it, as cigarette smoking is known to cause over 90% of the lung cancer-related deaths on a yearly basis.

2. Avoid Secondhand Smoking

tips to prevent lung cancer

We may feel that it is okay to hangout around people who smoke, once in a while. However, secondhand smoking can also cause lung cancer in many people, so avoiding areas where people smoke is another way to prevent lung cancer.

3. Check For Chemicals

tips to prevent lung cancer

If you want to prevent lung cancer, ensure that your home is free from toxins like radon, which may be emitted from old pipes, gas lines, etc., and can cause lung cancer.

4. Stay Safe At Work

tips to prevent lung cancer

Another way to prevent lung cancer is to avoid coming in close contact with carcinogens, if you work in chemical factories or nuclear plants, and also practice safety methods.

5. Consume Vitamin E

tips to prevent lung cancer

A research study has claimed that consuming foods that are rich in vitamin E, such as coconut, fish, avocados, nuts, etc., can prevent lung cancer to a considerable extent.

6. Drink Green Tea

tips to prevent lung cancer

As we already know, green tea comes with a number of health benefits. The rich antioxidants found in green tea can also help strengthening your lung cells to prevent cancer.

7. Cut Down On Alcohol

tips to prevent lung cancer

A research study has linked excess alcohol consumption to lung cancer, so limiting your intake can prevent the disease to a great extent.

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Story first published: Monday, October 3, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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