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Miracle Herb That Can Cure More Than 100 Diseases

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This miracle herb will help us cure several diseases and is known widely for its incredible health benefits. It is known as tree spinach or chaya and is one of the best herbs that can cure diseases.

It is known to cure more than 100 diseases, starting from cysts in breasts to numerous other conditions that either require operation or expensive medication.

Known as one of the most natural healing herbs, chaya has several health benefits. This makes it one of the best herbs that can cure diseases.

As per a study, chaya leaves were found to have more nutritional benefits than spinach leaves. They were found to be rich in protein, crude fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, Vitamin C and carotene.

These nutrients make chaya leaves one of the best known herbs that can cure diseases.

Apart from this, chaya has amazing benefits for our body. It helps in regulating blood pressure, reduce weight and also increase the calcium deposits.

Chaya leaves exude beneficial effects on digestion, they improve visual system and increase milk production in lactating women.

This herb is not to be consumed raw and must always be consumed in the form of soups, salads or tea.


Health Benefits of Chaya:

  • One of the best herbs that can treat anaemia
  • Helps cure asthma
  • Enhances eyesight and brain function
  • Increases calcium levels in the body
  • Helps treat osteoporosis
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and treats diabetes
  • Helps treat sore throat and related infections
  • Fights headaches
  • Helps regulate the cholesterol level and reduces the level of uric acid in the blood
  • Balances the metabolic system
  • Prevents the occurrence of varicose veins
  • Fights hemorrhoids
  • Helps detoxify the liver

Ingredients Required To Prepare Chaya Tea:

You will require 6 chaya leaves and 2 cups of water



  • Boil some water and add some chaya leaves to it.
  • Let the tea simmer for ten minutes.
  • Drink a cup of this tea 3 times in a day before meals.
  • You may also prepare soups and salads using these leaves.
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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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