11 Healthy Eating Habits While On Vacation

By: Niharika Choudhary
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We all love to travel don't we? Be it anywhere near or far, on a beach, into the woods, on the hills or mountains. Dwell in a cave or climb up a tree house. Saddle a horse or fondle a fawn, or just saunter on an emerald lawn.

It doesn't matter if you are a backpacker or a luxury globetrotter, the world is your home if you have the heart of a traveller!

We wish to take some days off from our super busy schedules, forgetting about what to cook for dinner or what's going to happen in the next episode of our favourite daily soap.

We love to spend those fractions of seconds holding the hands of our loved ones, or giggling around, not really trying to dress up all the time, don't we?

While travelling, all that we want to do is to soak into the eternal blessings of the nature, take a lot of pictures that'll make ultimate memoires of our holidays and eat to our heart's content, right?
Well, I'll give a second thought to the last point. Can I really eat to my heart's content without making my journey a nightmare?

If you have the same questions bothering you, here's a list that can surely help you, do have a look:


Do As The Gujaratis Do:

Did you notice that big bag alongside their luggage? Yeah, that's not just some big bag, but a big bag loaded with some homemade delicious dry food items. Yes, I have travelled a lot with them and, trust me, they have a solution to every hunger problem.


Refrain From Eating Unhealthy Outside Food:

If this idea is not suitable to you since you do not have time for preparations, stack some dry food items from your reliable store. This always works when you don't get to eat according to your choice, you can always dig into your bag of riches.


Remember To Eat Only When Hungry On A Vacation:

This happens with most of us, if we find free food we fill up ourselves and then end up having stomach troubles. We actually 'overeat' to our heart's content whenever the food is free, like we do at weddings. But its always advisable to eat light while you travel.


Avoid Skipping Your Meals On A Vacation:

Try to eat smaller portions of meals or snacks if possible, as your body requires fuel every four to five hours when travelling. Munch on a few nuts and fruits whenever possible. Whatever you do, don't skip your meals.


Say No To Large Meals At Night:

Choose fish or chicken (in smaller quantities) or make an effort to include lots of vegetables rather than heavy oily food. Check out the lip smacking salad options on the menu instead.


Fast Food Is A Definite No But Try Different Varieties Of Food:

Avoid fast food as much as you can. Totally makes sense, doesn't it? However, when you are visiting a new place, try to take a bite of the local delicacies also. What's the fun in eating pizza or noodles when you are travelling to a serene countryside village? New destinations call for a new experience for your taste buds as well.


Don't Forget That Health Bit People:

Focus on getting plenty of fresh fruits, salads and greens. You can try locally grown organic fruits and vegetables available in the local markets. Binge on whole grains such as oatmeal, cereals, etc, and on proteins that you get from eggs. You can even visit the local bakery and try some freshly baked delicacies.


Learn The Simple Act Of Sharing:

Share your meals around the table. Serving sizes at standard restaurants can easily feed two people. If you have a party of four, consider selecting only two to three entrees and sharing them. Even if the food can't be classified as healthy, eating less is better than enjoying the whole thing to yourself.


Try Mobile Apps To Keep You Updated:

There are numerous apps that allow individuals to keep a check of their meals. If you keep forgetting things, set up an alarm every day to remind yourself to enter your meal details in your smartphone or tablet. Apps that automatically provide a tally or total of the calories eaten are worth looking into and can decrease the time it takes to manage your daily calorie intake.


Drink Plenty Of Water:

Yes, it definitely serves the purpose. It can help you feel full throughout the day and prevent snacking binges. Additionally, it can flush out the toxins from alcoholic drinks and baskets of fries that you may have casually had during your long trip. If you're going to the beach or just want to spend most your time under the sun, don't forget to drink more than your usual eight glasses of water.


Remember To Carry Those Meds:

Always keep meds and antacids like pudin-hara or digene handy to be armoured for any kind of a stomach upset issue, not just for you but for others around you too.

If you have any more sugesstions to share on this topic, do comment below.
Happy Travelling!

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Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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