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Health Risks Of Overeating


Though eating is a basic necessity, overeating may kill you according to a new research. Eating can affect the lifespan according to a study. Maybe this is why low calorie diets seem to expand lifespan.

All foods, when consumed, cause oxidative damage which may further affect the DNA and cause harm to the cells in your body. In fact, scientists also believe that this kind of damage can speed up the ageing process.

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In order to obtain a clear picture, researchers studied certain animals which ate food in irregular intervals. They could see the difference in the levels of reactive oxygen molecules in circulation before and after a meal.

Researchers studied the blood samples of a snake that survives eating a mouse every fortnight. They collected samples of blood, one during digestion and another after absorption. The samples clearly showed an increase in oxidative damage by nearly 180% during the process of digestion.

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The actual level of oxidative damage, seemed almost similar to the damage caused by stress in an animal. Though the metabolism of animals and humans differs, health experts recommend healthy eating habits and curbing overeating habits.



The first health risk caused by overeating is obviously obesity. And we all know the whole range of health risks that obesity can cause.



Overeating may cause weight gain in an unhealthy way. This may further lead to type 2 diabetes.


Coronary Artery Disease

Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and even high BP- all of these problems would increase the risk of artery disease. It may lead to heart attack too.



Strokes could be life-threatening. They might occur due to blood clots or interruptions in the blood circulation.


Mental Health

Overeating could also impact mental health according to a study. Obesity can kill self esteem and this is why curbing your food intake is better.


Acid Reflux

Another side effect of overeating is acid reflux. This may happen especially when you lie down soon after consumption.


Other Health Risks Of Overeating

Other health effects include headaches, stomach pain, unhealthy blood-sugar swings, addiction and even kidney issues.

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