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Health Benefits Of Social Life


A new study says that healthy food and regular exercises are not enough to keep you healthy in the long run. Loneliness may negatively impact health according to scientists.

Research suggests that among lonely people in the age group of 55-90, the risk of suffering high BP is more when compared to the people of the same age group who have a healthy social life.

Also, health experts say that this risk is higher when compared to the risk of suffering high BP due to diabetes.

In teenagers, loneliness showed a higher risk of problems like inflammation. That is why it is important to cultivate social skills and interact with positive people around us according to experts.

Participants of a particular study who are well connected socially, showed better health and very few health issues, whereas isolated people showed poor overall health and even suffered a higher risk of obesity.

As a part of this study researchers closely observed more than 7000 people in various age-groups. The main focus of the study was the link between social life and health issues like BP, obesity and inflammation. The results proved that social life can surely determine the overall health up to an extent.


Prevents Depression

A new study confirmed that socialising can prevent depression. And for those who suffer from depression, healthy social connections can enhance self esteem too. Isolation may make one gloomy and depressed gradually.


Boosts Memory

Yes, socialising can boost your memory, studies suggest. Playing crossword puzzles can prove to be an exercise to your mind and socialising creates almost the same impact on the mind.


Enhances Your Mental Performance

Healthy social life is said to sharpen your cognitive abilities and shapes your mind well.


Prevents Cancer

A recent study almost confirmed that socialising can prevent certain types of cancer. So, don't feel guilty when you waste time chatting with your pals every now and then.



A study declared that people who have an active and healthy social; life can live longer than those who isolate themselves and live in a cocoon.



A weekend spent with your close friends not only gives you sweet memories but according to experts, good social life also boost your immunity.


Prevents Stroke

It is good to pass some time with your friends as doctors say that socialising can also reduce the risk of stroke significantly.

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