Health Questions Every Man Is Afraid To Ask

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Men are generally afraid of doctors, according to recent studies. And the main reason why they are afraid of visiting one is because they hate to question some of their problems. Men silently suffer from a lot of urology health issues only because they fail to question their problems when they visit a specialist.

Health experts suggest that if you are having any problem with your reproductive organ it is wise to ask the doctor about it. If you silent your question, your health problem may increase to further issues which will be difficult to deal with.

In recent years, cases of prostate cancer has increased drastically to a 89 percent and the main reason for this sudden increase is due to the lack of ignorance in men. Noticing change of skin or any unusual spots or growth on the penis is something you should worry about and not choose to ignore.

Likewise, if you are suffering from urinary issues, it is best to consult the doctor, for men too suffer from urinary tract infections which can turn serious if you ignore the problem at the initial stage.

Here are some of the other questions every man is afraid to ask the doctor, why don't you take a look at them:


Abnormal Feeling In Testicles

One of the abnormalities men should not ignore is a feeling you get like a bag of worms in your testicles. The tinglingfeeling that is felt on the left side, is a collection of abnormally large blood vessels called varicocele. This problem can lead to infertility and decreased testicle size. You should look into the problem if it worsens.


Can My Penis Break?

Yes, it can.A penile fracture occurs only when that fibrous connective tissue "breaks" during intercourse. It is good to practice safe sex and be gentle too.


What Does Normal Semen Look Like?

Normal semen is thick and white and has different consistencies. However, if you notice blood in the semen you should not ignore it as it is a condition called hematospermia, and it may be connected to a prostate problem.


I Cannot Get An Erection

Erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone and at any age. The main reasons for an Erectile dysfunction is vascular problem or disease that affects the nerves or blood vessels which is normally diabetes or stress/ hypertension. It is important to manage your stress levels if you want to have a normal sex life.


Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

The normal range is about 3.5 to 7.5 inches, with the average about 5.5 inches and there is no way you can enlargen the size of the penis!


My Penis Has Acne, Is It A Problem?

If you notice something that looks like an ulcer or a breakdown of the skin with a weeping wound on the penis, you should not leave it. It is best to visit a doctor to find out the problem of this breakout.


My Penis Is Curved. Is It A Problem?

If you have a curved penis it is called as a Peyronie's disease, and these curvatures rank up to about 30 degrees and normally don't cause any problems. But, if it too much of curve the doctor can prescribe a drug to help you.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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