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5 Health Lies We Tell Ourselves

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How healthy are you? It is said that most people who are actually unhealthy consider themselves to be the healthiest people living on the face of this earth. Healthy people are the ones who refrain themselves from bad habits like smoking, drinking, over sleeping, laziness and more.

If you follow any of these bad habits, consider yourself to be unhealthy. Experts state that modern people are so caught up in their daily work that stress plays a havoc in their life. Today, Boldsky lists out a couple of things we all are found guilty of doing.

It is said that 90 percent of us have the habit of going back to sleep right after the alarm goes off, and this disturbed sleep at that part of the morning is not good for the immune system. If you have set your alarm for a particular time, you should make it a habit to wake up and get ready.

Snoozing that alarm and going back to bed will only make the body more lethargic. Likewise, the other unhealthy habit and health lie we follow is drinking over the weekends. Indulging in alcoholic drinks and high-calorie foods only over the weekend is going to make you pile up more amount of pounds, and this again is unhealthy to follow.

Following a strict diet pattern and maintaining a balanced diet is the key to a better health. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of these health lies we often tell ourselves every single day. It is time we put an end to these lies and live a better life:

Six Hours Of Sleep Is Enough

Hours Of Sleep
It is important to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night instead of only 6 hours. The body requires you to rest for those many hours, so that you wake up feeling energetic and healthy.

Simply Drink Over The Weekend

Weekend Drinks
Drinking only over the weekend is not healthy. You should refrain from drinking too much over the weekend, as it can affect the entire nervous system. If you're fond of drinking a peg or two, stick to small amounts and never make it a habit to mix aerated drinks with your coloured water, as this again is bad for the organs.

Skipped Lunch?

Skipping Meals
Skipping meals is not going to help you with weight loss. It will only add to more weight gain and this will make you feel weak and lazy, making the body want more unhealthy foods.

Smoking Once In A While

Don't ever think that passive smoking or smoking once in a while is healthy. Both ways, you are inhaling carbon into the lungs and this will not make you live long. Therefore, cover your mouth and refrain from smoking and being a friendly passive smoker too.

Coffee Versus Coke

Coffee Versus Coke
It is said that coffee should not be replaced with coke, as both have equal amounts of negative properties like caffeine that is not good for the being. Drinking small amounts of coffee once in three days is sufficient and so is coke, but it is not likely advisable.

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