Surprising Health Benefits Of Rubbing Alcohol You Didn't Know

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Known for its disinfectant properties rubbing alcohol is not just a disinfectant but it is also known for several health benefits which most of us are not even aware of.

For sure most of us have had the experience of an injection. The doctor rubs a water-like solution just before giving you the injection. Yes, it is this rubbing alcohol that is used to clean and sterilize the skin.

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The moment you hear about alcohol, it is assumed to be a drink. Well, rubbing alcohol is not the same. It is a denatured alcohol used as an antiseptic or a disinfectant.

Many of us know about rubbing alcohol, but as a cleaning ingredient for glass and windows or to remove ink stains, but hardly any of us are aware that it is used to treat many health conditions as well.

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So in this article we will be explaining about how to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of muscle pain, fungus and other minor injures which if left untreated would lead to serious health condtions as well.

Check out a few of the surprising health benefits of rubbing alcohol here.


1. Reduces Muscle Pain:

Take a bit of rubbing alcohol, apply it on the affected muscle and then gently massage it. Wrap it around with a cloth and keep it for about an hour. Do this at least once a day for best results.


2. Prevent Swimmer's Ears:

Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol, add a few drops of white vinegar and then mix it. Apply 2-3 drops of this solution in the ear where water is trapped and tilt your head. This is one of the best ways to prevent swimmer's ears.


3. Toenail Fungus:

Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol, add a few drops of white vinegar and then mix it. With a cotton soaked in the solution dab it over the affected area. Wrap it around using a cloth and leave it for 30 minutes. Scrub and rinse it off properly.


4. Treat Minor Wounds:

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best disinfectants that helps treat minor wounds and prevents infection. Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol and then dilute it with a few drops of water and then apply it over the wounds.


5. Soothe Mosquito Bite:

Rubbing alcohol provides the best relief caused by itchiness and swelling caused by mosquito bite. Apply rubbing alcohol and keep it for about 10 minutes; then wash it off with water.


6. Cold Sores:

Take a bit of rubbing alcohol, soak a cotton in it and then rub it on the cold sores, also known as fever blisters before going to bed. It helps treat the cold sores effectively.


7. Treats Poison Ivy:

Take a bit of rubbing alcohol and apply it over the affected area. Once it evaporates wash it off with soap and water. Do this at least twice a day. It helps treat itching and swelling caused due to poison ivy plant.

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