Health Benefits Of Ginger Black Tea

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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A cup of fuming tea during winter days gives you the ultimate pleasure. It is said that tea or coffee are the beverages that contain caffeine. Caffeine is not good for health.

However, if you have green or black tea, the level of caffeine is very low. Rather, these types of teas are full of antioxidants.

Now, when you add ginger to black tea, you get several additional health benefits associated with it.

So, what are the health benefits of having ginger black tea? Actually, with the low level of caffeine, black tea is good for your blood circulation.

Besides, it has fluoride that helps to strengthen your bones and teeth. If you eat apples just because they has flavonoids, you can also go for black tea, as it contains this component too.

Benefits of ginger black tea are the combination of the goodness of black tea and ginger. So, instead of having more and more cups of tea with sugar and milk, you should have black ginger tea whenever you can.

From treating your skin problems to balancing your hormones, the health benefits of ginger black tea are far more than you can think.

Therefore, to boost up your immunity system and have a healthy body, go through these amazing benefits of ginger black tea and share it with your friends too.


1.Relieves Nausea:

Do you have motion sickness? Then always carry ginger black tea in a flask. Take small sips and it will prevent the vomiting tendency. Pregnant ladies can also have a cup in the morning to get relief from morning sickness.


2.Controls Cholesterol Level:

This is one of the most important benefits of having ginger black tea. Medical studies have shown that black tea reduces the level of LDL cholesterol up to 7.5%. So, consuming it can reduce the risk of heart diseases.


3.Helps In Digestion:

If you've eaten too much, a cup of ginger black tea can help you not to bloat. This is a quick remedy for indigestion or any kind of a stomach problem.


4.Good For Diabetes:

By increasing the level of insulin, black tea controls the level of plasma glucose in the blood. Besides, ginger has anti-cancerous properties that prevent the growth of tumour. Obviously, this has to be one of the wonderful health benefits of having ginger black tea.


5.Reduces Inflammation:

The anti-inflammatory objects in black tea treat heartburn, back pain, joint pain, inflammation, etc. The ginger also has such properties. The combination of these two will be the best remedy for inflamed joints and organs.


6.Cares For Your Kidneys:

Health benefits of ginger black tea also include this one. A recent medical study has shown that people, especially women, who drink black tea with ginger are less prone to having kidney stones than those who don't.


7.Fights Respiratory Trouble:

Each year, you suffer from congested nose, cough and cold. But not anymore. A cup of hot ginger black tea can clear the air passage and make it easier to breathe. Also, this tea treats allergies that may occur due to pollen or dust.


8.Strong Immunity:

Consider this among the most important health benefits of having ginger black tea. The antibacterial properties in ginger and black tea fight against the germs and bacteria and also strengthen your immunity system. The antioxidants in both make you stronger to fight diseases.


9.Relieves From Stress:

A cup of ginger black tea, after a tiring day, boosts up your energy and gives you a relief from the stress of your job. Take the aroma and sip it slowly. It will soothe your senses and prepare you for the next go.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 21, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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