Did You Know That Cabbages Have Several Health Benefits!

By: Mona Verma

Many of us may not like eating a cabbage, or if at all we do, we may like adding a lot of spices to pep up its taste. People don't really mind throwing it off too due to its blandness.

However, you will be surprised to hear the never-ending benefits of cabbage and you may want to gradually start including it in your diet after reading this article.

The best part is, you can have cabbage in any form. For example, as a veggie, as a salad, baked, roasted and yes, of course, you can experiment with it without a doubt!!

Following are some of the health benefits of cabbage and why you should eat it on a regualr basis. Have a look.


Rich In Vitamin C:

Scurvy is when you have spongy and bleeding gums or a weak immune system due to deficiency of vitamin C. Cabbage is an outstanding source of vitamin C, which is considered as the best antioxidant to fight scurvy.


Helps Treat Stomach Ulcer:

Cabbage helps in treating ulcers, early stages of certain cancers, boosts immunity, repairs certain tissues and protects from Alzheimer's disease. Roughage is one of the essential elements for the human system, as it protects the body against constipation, stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal cancer and even loss of appetite. There are other problems as well like skin disease known as eczema and premature ageing. Cabbage is very rich in fibre and helps the body to retain the water for a long time and keeps you away from all these problems.


Helps Fight Infection:

Sulphur helps in fighting against infections and if found to be deficient, the rate of healing wounds can get drastically reduced. Cabbage supports this too, as it is high in sulphur content.


Helps Treating Cancer:

These days, every 4th person is suffering from one or other form of cancer. Cabbage contains certain number of anti-cancerous elements like lupeol, sinigrin, and sulforaphane, which stimulate enzyme activity and stop the growth of tumour.


Helps Treating Joint Pain:

Glutamine, which is found in cabbage leaves, is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which helps to protect the body against irritation, joint pain, particular skin disorders and many more.


Helps Protect The Eyes:

Beta-carotene found in cabbage is responsible in protecting the eye against various eye-related ailments and it also delays the cataract formation.


Helps Maintain Mental Functioning:

Cabbage contains vitamin K and anthocyanins which are responsible for maintaining the mental functioning and concentration. These compounds are mainly found in red cabbage. They together protect the nervous system from damage and decay.


Helps Purify The Blood:

Cabbage is also considered as a wonderful detoxifier, which purifies the blood and keeps you away from rheumatism, arthritis and gout.


Helps In Brain Functioning:

Cabbage is also a rich source of iodine, which helps in the proper functioning of the brain and also the nervous system. It also helps in the proper functioning of the endocrine glands.


Rich In Vitamins:

Cabbage contains a good amount of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc., and other nutrients like iodine, vitamin E and of course vitamin C. The best way to consume cabbage is in its raw form as a salad.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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