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Have You Tried These Weird Health Tips?

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When it comes to being healthy, we all love to follow certain tips to keep ourselves fit. With the many health tips given at every nook and corner, we often get confused as to what to follow to better our health.

It is said that by paying attention to more than a handful of health tips, your body will suffer a major problem, and there are chances of you falling sick too. So, it is necessary to first understand your body, plan a daily schedule to follow and eat a well-balanced meal.

Summer Tips To Keep You Healthy

By doing so, you will be able to keep out of danger from all types of sicknesses that come your way. Today, Boldsky suggests only 8 weird but very effective health tips to keep in mind.

When you begin to read on, you will see that some of these tips are quite surprising, but recent studies have shown that they are actually in a way helpful.

10 Incredible Health Tips Of The Day

For example, it is always been true that by wearing high heels, it can draw a lot of unwanted attention on the back and hips. Today, reports say that by wearing high heels you can save your knees! Well, are you surprised?

We do have a few more weird health tips for you to take a look at, why don't you spend a couple of minutes by taking a look at it:


High Heels Save Your Knees:

Young women should opt for high heels whenever they can. Recent studies have shown that as you age in those heels, your knees will be protected. Women who love those heels have less chance of developing arthritic changes in their knee joints. Heels are also known to strengthen the pelvic muscles and in toning the legs.


Do You Have A Moustache?:

If you are having an allergy cold and a moustache, be sure that the allergy is not going anywhere. Recent statistics have shown that men who have a moustache and who suffer from frequent allergies should get rid of the mush. It is believed that the moustache contains all the dust or pollen that aggravate the allergy.


Find A Closet For Your Medications:

Find that dark spot to store your medications. Storing your pills in sunlight will expose them to heat and humidity, thereby reducing the potency and efficacy of the pills. Store your medications in a linen cloth and in a dark cool area.


Love For Money?:

When your mother advices you to wash your hands well after you've touched money, you laugh it off. Recent health experts have stated that currency notes contain a whole lot of bacteria and germs that can harm the body. It first affects the digestive system, which causes diarrhoea and other intestinal complications.


Use Soap, Not Handwash:

Did you know that a soap is a much safer option to use on the hands than a hand-wash? Well, it is stated that those expensive antibacterial washes can encourage superbugs, which are extremely harmful to the body. In simple words, hand-wash still retains the germs on the hands, and they have the ability to make bacteria resistant to commonly used antibiotics.


Get The Smell Of An Apple:

An apple a day can really make the doctor stay away. Recent reports state that by sniffing a green apple, it can instantly get rid of a migraine headache. The pleasant odour of an apple can help release tension and calm the nerves in the brain, thus decreasing the painful headache.


Just Took A Crap?:

E.coli and other faecal-based bacteria really can make you ill, so the next time you take a poop, close the lid of your toilet seat and flush it down.


Milk Benefits What?:

Chocolate milk is a must after a workout, do you know why? This dairy drink contains a whole lot of energy and protein that are good for the muscles and bones. So, if you're drink this healthy milk treat after a workout, you are only building up better and stronger muscles.

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