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Foods That Worsen Anxiety

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When you are stressed up, you tend to feel like grabbing a bag of chips or munching a burger, but wait. Some foods tend to increase your anxiety; not decrease it.

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Yes, some foods impact your emotions and mental state too. You might end up with a cloudy head and might find it difficult to focus on your work because of some foods.

Though those foods may not directly cause anxiety, they may worsen your mental state. When your brain lacks enough of serotonin to handle the stress hormone, anxiety might occur.

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Some foods elevate the feel good hormones whereas some foods elevate the stress hormones. Many health experts say that processed foods tend to cause anxiety, guilt and cravings.

Here are some of the foods that might worsen your anxiety and stress.



Though alcohol seems to temporarily soothe your anxiety, it again worsens the situation after some time. Alcohol is a depressive substance that affects your nervous system for a while and on the top of it, it dehydrates you and makes you feel low.



A ketchup that contains high-fructose corn-syrup can worsen your anxiety and blood sugar levels. Stay away from it.



The problem with most of the products made of refined carbs is that they cause rapid spikes and kill stable sugar levels in your body.


Cream (Processed)

Cookies, French fries, doughnuts and artificial cream used on coffee- all of them contain ingredients that cause depression and anxiety.



Foods that contain monosodium glutamate can also worsen your anxiety levels. This ingredient is a slow killer.



Energy drinks don't give energy; they rob energy. And all soft drinks that contain caffeine come with sweeteners that cause obesity and cause spikes in blood sugar.



Coffee stimulates you but later, it may make you feel stressed up. Yes, caffeine seems to boost cortisol levels too. Coffee causes anxiety and restless sleep too.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 10:38 [IST]
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