Foods That Are Sabotaging Your Diet Plans

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If you are thinking about losing some weight you may require an appropriate diet plan to help you achieve your goal. You cannot continue to eat everything you like and you must be aware of certain foods that can end up sabotaging your diet plans.

Your weight is determined by the number of calories you have in your food and the number of calories you melt away in your everyday life. If you have a lot more calories than you melt away your weight may increase. Hence, be careful about what you put into your mouth.

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A correct diet along with a proper exercise regime will definitely help you to lose weight. A proper diet should contain correct quantities of protein, fibre, fat and carbohydrate. If possible, take the help of a nutritionist to plan out your diet.

foods that Sabotage your diet plan

There are certain foods that you should steer clear of if you want to lose weight as these foods can end up sabotaging your diet plan. The first one is ready to eat oatmeal. You might be wondering, why oatmeal? This is because instant oatmeal contains sugar that causes your blood sugar to rise and ends up increasing your weight. Go for the regular ones.

foods that Sabotage your diet plan

The next food to avoid is protein bars. It might look like a healthy choice but protein bars are not very healthy as they are publicised to be. Protein bars contain loads of sugar and can end up as one of the foods that sabotage your diet plans.

foods that Sabotage your diet plan

Stay away from energy drinks and ready to drink smoothies. Energy drinks might give you an initial kick but will end up making you sluggish because of the sugar content in it. It is the same with smoothies. They contain large amounts of sugar. Instead go for the homemade ones.

foods that Sabotage your diet plan

Be careful while having milk and yogurt. These are rich in calcium which is very beneficial for the body but they also contain a lot of sugar. This ends up sabotaging your diet plans. Hence instead of these, you could go for calcium-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, pulses and fish.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 25, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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