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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Homeopathy

Humans have invented various forms of medical sciences in an effort to find the best possible treatment for our ailments. Homeopathy is one such form of alternate medicine and there are a few interesting facts on homeopathy you must know.

As we may know, there are various systems of medicines known to mankind such as allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, unani, etc.

Allopathy, also known as the mainstream medicine, is the most commonly used system of medicine, and it is said to be the most effective as well.

Allopathy includes chemical-based pills and medications that are used to treat various disorders, which most of us take often.

Medicine systems like ayurveda, homeopathy, etc., are called as the alternative medicine systems, as they are not very popular.

However, many people strongly believe that alternative medicine systems are more natural and effective and are devoid of side effects, as they do not constitute strong chemicals.

Homeopathy has made its mark as one of the best alternative forms of medicines and steadily its popularity is growing!

So, here are a few unknown facts about homeopathy that you must know, have a look.

Fact #1

Homeopathy works on the principle that the medicines given must be able to stimulate the body's healing capacity from within to cure a disorder, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Fact #2

Most homeopathic medicines aim at improving the overall health of the individual and are not just limited to a particular symptom.

Fact #3

Many people believe that homeopathy is "slow-acting" when it comes to treatment; however, with conditions like eczema, arthritis, asthma, etc., homeopathy has proven to provide quick results.

Fact #4

Contrary to the popular belief that homeopathy is only effective for minor ailments, it has proven to be extremely effective in treating major conditions like pneumonia, tonsillitis, hepatitis, sinusitis, etc.

Fact #5

Numerous research studies have claimed that homeopathy is better than antibiotics to treat infectious conditions, as antibiotics suppress the microbes, while homeopathy boosts the body's ability to fight them.

Fact #6

Many people believe that homeopathy is just "faith healing" and gives a placebo effect; however, the fact is that homeopathy is a science-based medical form that is highly effective.

Fact #7

Another fact about homeopathy is that it has no potential side effects, as the medicines are mostly made from plants, minerals and other natural substances.

Fact #8

It is important to follow the instructions given by the homeopath, like when the medicine has to be taken, how many times it should be taken, what kind of diet should be followed, etc., to increase the effectiveness further.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 11:30 [IST]