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Another Reason Why A Kiss Is Healthy

A recent study claims that a kiss that lasts nearly for 10 seconds can transfer more than 75 million healthy bacteria from one person's mouth to the other. The best part is that this bacteria is friendly and does some good to your health.

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As a part of the study, researchers made more than 20 couples kiss each other. Samples of saliva were collected before and after the test. The couples were allowed to kiss each other for a span of 10 seconds.

There was another interesting observation. People who are in a relationship tend to show similar levels of bacteria on their tongues as they tend to spend time together. Two strangers may show different samples on their tongues.

The researchers also made one person of each couple consume yoghurt before a kiss. After the kiss, when the partner's saliva samples were collected, more than 80 million bacteria was found to be transferred from the partner who consumed yoghurt.

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Now, you have one more reason to kiss your partner often. Yes, it is healthy and also makes both of you feel good. It also strengthens your bond and enhances intimacy. Now, let us also look at other aspects of this research.


The Passion And Duration Is Also Important

This research also proved that the duration and the intensity of the kiss also makes a lot of difference in the amount of bacteria that is being spread.


French Kiss

Among various kissing styles, the French kiss seems to transfer the highest amounts of bacteria within less time.


There Is An Apparatus Too

Scientists also have devised an apparatus that measures the transfer of healthy bacteria after a kiss. But this isn't available for public.


Never Kiss Strangers

Now that you know that a kiss can spread healthy bacteria when you do it with a healthy partner, it is also better to avoid kissing a stranger for the same reason- spread of bacteria!


Craving And Dopamine

Dopamine levels spike after a kiss and this is why you would crave for more and more kisses. Also, your heart starts beating faster and supplies more oxygen.


The Euphoria

As endorphins are released, you tend to feel euphoric after a kiss. This is why most of us feel happy, joyful and sleepless when we're romantic.


What If You Don't Have A Partner?

There are other ways to get some healthy bacteria into your body. Eat more of pro-biotic yoghurt to soothe your gut.

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