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Reasons Why Parents Shouldn't Kiss In Front Of Kids

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Kissing is a great way to share love. But how about kissing in front of kids? Is that fine? Yes, if parents can keep up their limits, it is fine to kiss in front of kids. It is a basic lesson for them to understand that kissing is a way to share affection. It helps them understand that their parents love and care for each other.

When you kiss each other in front of your kids when they are keenly watching you, make sure you share a kiss with them as well to tell them that you love them as well. This will also make them understand that dad kisses mom because he loves her.

Home is the best place for kids to learn about a healthy relationship. A simple and crisp lip kiss between parents might be encouraging to kids, but it is very vital to ensure that your tongues do not touch when in front of them. Also, parents kissing each other regularly in front of kids can create a bad impact on them. Thereby it is very essential that parents avoid deep and passionate kisses in front of children.

As discussed so far, though simple kisses are fine, there are several reasons why parents shouldn't kiss in front of kids. This article intends to help you understand why parents shouldn't kiss in front of kids.

Losing Privacy:

A husband and wife relationship is divine and as a couple, you need to spend a lot of time with each other in privacy. Spontaneous kissing or hugging each other in front of your kids makes you feel that you are losing your privacy. This is one main reason why parents shouldn't kiss in front of kids.


In the event of kissing each other, sometimes parents forget their limits and indulge in certain sexual activities. They forget that their kids are watching them and they might try to copy them and repeat the same. That is why parents shouldn't kiss in front of kids. Yes, today we understand that sex education is required for kids and children after a certain age. But definitely, they cannot see their parents having sex with each other. All this starts with just a simple kiss.

Crossing Boundaries:

When kids see their parents kiss each other often, they might assume that kissing everybody and anybody at any place is fine. They might end up crossing their limits and this is another major reason why parents shouldn't kiss in front of kids.

Do keep in mind that kissing is not the only way to share love between a husband and wife. Holding each others' hands while chatting is a simple way to share your affection with each other. Moreover, you can continue holding hands for a longer time, even if your kids are watching. This is not possible while kissing and is also a reason why parents shouldn't kiss in front of kids.

Similarly, a wife cooking a husband’s favourite dish can be a great way of sharing her love for her spouse rather than kissing him often in front of kids. Home is the best learning place for kids; hence it is vital that parents are cautious in every activity they perform and keep their kids safe.

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Story first published: Friday, November 13, 2015, 8:02 [IST]