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8 Diseases That Can Kill A Person In 24 Hours!!

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A popular quote reads, "Death is better than disease". It is a fact that some diseases come with such horrible symptoms, so it is only natural for the victims to feel that death would help them end the misery.

However, as living beings, we have an inborn instinct to cling on to life as long as possible, and we do everything we can to ward off death!

Many a times, disease and death are like a couple who like to visit people together! Depending on the type and severity of the disorder, usually a disease is followed by death.

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As we all may be aware of, many deadly diseases like cancer or HIV torment a person for months and sometimes years together, before finally taking their lives.

The pain and discomfort a person has to go through after being affected by a disease, the loved ones of the patients having to look at them suffer, the fear of death, etc, can all be a very traumatizing experience.

Did you know that there are a few deadly diseases that can kill a person in just a day? Find out all about them, here!


1. Dengue

Yes, dengue which is quite common now can kill a person in a day, if not treated on time, as the affected person can get a high fever, coupled with internal haemorrhaging, destroying the person's circulatory system.


2. Ebola

This deadly disease, Ebola, will lead to the rupture of white blood cells of the victim, stopping the blood from clotting, within hours after being affected. So, the victim usually bleeds internally, causing an organ failure and finally death.


3. Bubonic Plague

Although believed to be an eradicated disease, cases of bubonic plague have been reported recently in certain parts of the world. This disease causes the development of pustules in the internal organs, thereby leading to an organ failure.


4. Enterovirus D68

Enterovirus D68 is a viral infection spread through the body fluids, which affects the respiratory system of the victim severely, causing death within a few hours after being infected.


5. Chagas Disease

Chagas disease is a rare disease caused by parasites that multiply in the internal organs like the heart and digestive system of the victim. When not given an immediate treatment, the victim can suffer from a cardiac arrest, leading to death.


6. Cholera

Cholera is another deadly disease in which a person experiences severe loss of body fluids by vomiting or diarrhoea, leading to extreme dehydration and ultimately the organs shutting down, overnight!


7. MRSA Infection

MRSA infection can destroy the blood cells and lung tissues of the affected person, at a rapid rate, thus leading to death within a day, if not given any medical attention.


8. Stroke

Stroke is a cerebrovascular disease that inhibits the flow of blood and oxygen to certain parts of the brain due to the presence of a clot. A very severe form of stroke can cause immediate death!

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