Does Obesity Affect Even The Poor?

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A new study found out that obesity is not a problem suffered by only the rich people; even the people from lower incomes are suffering from this problem due to many factors.

Generally, we think that only the rich people could afford to overeat but this study says that people from all income groups are falling prey to obesity due to certain lifestyle factors.

Effects Of Obesity- Abs Fat

This study further says that many women from various income groups are found out to be obese. And men from all income groups have belly fat.
In fact, economic growth has impacted almost all areas of life and this applies to even from people belonging to the lower income levels.

Effects Of Obesity- Dad Bod

This study also opines that people from all income groups need to be educated about healthy lifestyle habits as it is no longer the rich who are becoming obese.

Effects Of Obesity- Tyre

More than 7000 people were studied as a part of this research. Various aspects like waist measurement, body weight, height and blood pressure were recorded and most of the participants were above the age of 50 years. Also, the study focused mainly on people who were from low income groups and who had no material riches.

Effects Of Obesity- Fat Man

The results of this study were alarming as more than 15% of the total participants were considered overweight. Also, nearly 35% of them had belly fat. This clearly means that obesity has become a global issue affecting people from all income groups sparing nobody when bad lifestyle habits are embraced.

Effects Of Obesity- Fat Woman

This is the reason why researchers opine that people from all the backgrounds must be made aware of the unhealthy effects of obesity. Though it is a challenge to reach the masses and the uneducated people, researchers say that the message must be spread far and wide.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 3, 2016, 18:14 [IST]
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