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    Do You Want To Know The Fitness Tips Of Deepika Padukone? Here They Are

    By Shubham Ghosh

    Born in Denmark, former ace shuttler's daughter, Deepika Padukone, is currently one of the most prominent faces of the Indian cinema. Actually, more than that, given the vast spread of the country's screen effects.

    But Deepika, who will turn 31 next January, is not just known to be a prime actor of this time but is also known for her high-fitness level.

    Her flawless body is something for which women of her generation idolise her while the men admire. And the dazzling beauty indeed puts in double the effort to maintain the way she looks.

    A perfect combination of exercises and diet is something that does the trick for the Bollywood diva.

    Still for those of you who are eager to know how Deepika is gifted with a lovely figure, manages to keep herself in shape; here are a few tips you've got to read:

    deepika padukone fitness tips

    1. Fitness Routine:
    The 'Bajirao Mastani' actor, who seriously believes in making fitness a way of life, advises eating foods that are fresh, healthy and rich in nutrients. She says, to be fit one doesn't have to be thin but healthy from within.

    She suggests workout should be an integral part of one's daily routine to stay in a terrific shape.

    It is also important to engage in sporting activities besides the routine diet and exercises, says the svelte beauty. It is very much expected from Deepika, given the fact that she is the daughter of a sportsperson and a former badminton player herself.

    deepika padukone fitness tips

    She has an advice for those who fail to make it to the gym every day. "Dance instead", says the actor who made her debut in films opposite to Shah Rukh Khan in 'Om Shanti Om' in 2007.

    Deepika herself is a keen dance enthusiast who hits the floor whenever she fails to make it to the gym. The passion to stay fit and the love for the art combine to prove a real blessing for her. Her dance routine includes both eastern and western varieties.

    She also asks people to have adequate sleep if they want to be fit.

    Intake of plenty of water along with balanced diet and adequate sleep are secrets of the awesome svelte beauty.

    deepika padukone fitness tips

    2. Diet Tips:
    Diet is an equally important part of Deepika's fitness secret. She is known to be strict when it comes to controlling her diet and understandably so. Though it doesn't really require a mention, yet to inspire her young fans who often fail to overcome the temptation of junk food, Deepika Padukone avoids anything that is junk, spicy and oily.

    She advises others to drink adequate amount of water during the day.

    deepika padukone fitness tips

    3. Yoga:
    Deepika Padukone is also very fond of yoga, asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc. According to her, yoga revitalises and refreshes the body and soul. It also improves stamina and betters concentration and gives the body a perfect shape.

    For those who really find a role model in the award-winning actor who is also creating quite a buzz in the west, follow these tips to ensure that you also have a perfectly healthy body.

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