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Diseases Caused By Blood Transfusion

By: Ajanta Sen

Human body is very sophisticated by nature. It shows a strong tendency to get affected by various external or internal factors that do not suit the composition of a particular body. As a matter of fact, every single human body has some distinctive features.

These features determine the nature and various other aspects of the body. When you talk about the features of the body, the type of blood present comes first.

It is one thing that differentiates one human body from the other. Blood is an integral part of the circulatory system of the body that carries various things to the different parts of the body.

Very often the blood gets impure or gets infected due to various diseases. In such a case, people need to undergo the blood transfusion process.

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It is a medical practice that allows the body to get additional supply of blood externally. Blood of various groups are collected from different donors through donation, and they are put in the blood banks from where they are delivered to the people.

This blood is then inserted into the bodies of those people who need it. This process is often termed as blood transfusion.

Though this is a life-saving procedure, it is highly risky act that has the potential chances of causing various types of infections.

These infections are the tested ways of causing a wide range of diseases. There can be many types of diseases caused by blood transfusion. Some common diseases caused by blood transfusion include the following, take a look.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV):

HIV has emerged as the deadliest threat against human life. Though there are other ways by which AIDS can be transmitted, people get this disease also through blood transfusion. The labs and hospitals take a great amount of care before transfusing blood into the body of the patients.


Bone Cancer:

A severe type of cancer called bone cancer can be caused in the cells that create the bones in the body. Since blood is present at these cells, there remains a great chance of getting the infection if it carries the germs that are responsible for the infection.


Hepatitis/Viral Hepatitis:

Hepatitis is a liver infection that can cause a severe type of Jaundice. Available in many variants (namely Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E and G), Hepatitis is a deadly disease that causes death to millions of people every year. This is a severe disease caused by blood transfusion, as many donors themselves suffer from these infections.



Leukaemia is another name of blood cancer. The number of victims of this deadly disease is increasing at an alarming rate. Supply of blood in the body of the patients is a common treatment, and therefore, a patient easily gets infected with the ‘cancer, if the blood carries it. The blood cells get damaged and that reduces the capacity to fight against diseases. The patients of blood cancer are often short-lived in comparison to other types of the same disease.


Sickle Cell Anaemia:

Sickle cell anaemia is another prominent disease among all the types of diseases caused by blood transfusion. The doctors agree that this is inherited from the family members; it also spreads through infected blood transfusion.



It is an inherited disease that the parents usually pass on to their kids. This disease prevents the formation of new blood cells in the body, and that is why blood transfusion becomes the solitary treatment for this disease. In such a situation, the disease spreads faster if the normal body gets infected blood through blood transfusion.

These are some of the terrible diseases caused by blood transfusion. However, there are many more types of diseases caused by blood transfusion. Knowing about them and taking the right preventive measure are the best ways to avoid such diseases that can be caused by blood transfusion.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 18, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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