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Did You Know That These Daily Habits Can Damage Your Kidneys?

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A healthy lifestyle is key to being disease free. This statement is a fact, whether we would like to admit it or not.

Many a times, we tend to blame our poor health on luck and other such things when we are actually responsible for our own bad health, as we may be following certain habits that may be harmful to our system on a day-to-day basis.

Sometimes, unknowingly we may be indulging in certain habits that may be causing a lot of damage to our internal organs.

As we all know, kidney, a vital organ of the human body, is located at the rear of the abdominal cavity and is responsible for regulating the electrolytes in the blood and also aid in the removal of toxins and waste from the body.

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Kidney damage or nephropathy occurs when the normal functioning of the kidney is affected and, in extreme cases, it can also lead to kidney failure, which can be highly fatal.

There may be various reasons that can cause renal failure or kidney failure such as injuries, low blood pressure, internal haemorrhage, side effects of surgeries, septic shock, etc.

However, there are certain daily habits that you may be following which may further pose a serious threat of kidney damage.

Have a look below to find out what they are.


1. Not Having Enough Water

Most of us tend to forget to consume enough water (2 litres per day). This habit could lead to dehydration, and dehydration is one of the main causes for the development of kidney stones and also kidney damage.


2. Suppressing The Urge To Urinate

Many a times, if we are too busy at work or when we are travelling, we may hold back our urge to pee. This may lead to the accumulation of bacteria in the kidney, thereby causing infections that damage the kidneys.


3. Consuming Excess Amount Of Protein

Consumption of foods that are high in protein content, or consumption of artificial protein supplements such as whey, can sometimes lead to the development of kidney stones and eventually lead to kidney damage.


4. Excessive Consumption Of Salt

If you consume high amounts of salty foods regularly, your kidneys will have to work harder to regulate the electrolyte balance in your blood, which may eventually lead to the failure of the organ.


5. Regularly Taking In Painkillers

Frequently popping in painkillers can limit the flow of blood to your kidneys, thereby leading to the damage of the organ.


6. Consumption Of Excess Amount Of Alcohol

Drinking excessively can lead to the build-up of a high amount of uric acid in your bloodstream, which in turn can affect the kidneys and could also lead to their damage.


7. Ignoring Infections

Certain common infections like viral flu, tonsillitis, stomach-related infections, etc, may some times affect the kidney, as the microorganisms have to pass through the kidneys to be eliminated from the body.

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