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Depression Myths That You Need To Know

By: Ajanta Sen

Humans are the wisest creatures on this planet and they have some differences from other living beings that live on the same planet.

Among all the animals, humans have a well-developed brain that helps them to think more, and also in a better way. However, it is the brain that often gets affected by some unpleasant disorders.

These disorders often result in some mental diseases. Depression is one such situation in which the brain suffers from some misconceptions.

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The scientists and researchers from all over the world are trying to find the various reasons of depressions, and they have got some breakthroughs as well.

The study reports reveal that depression affect a large number of people all around the globe. Most of the people are either ignorant of the main reasons of conceptions or they are unable to understand them.

myths about depression

This gives rise to numerous depression myths that you need to know about. These myths also arise prejudices against the people who suffer from it.

In the opinion of the psychiatrists and psychologists, depression myths are easy to understand, and everyone needs to know and understand them, otherwise fighting against it can be difficult task, and that can be a social injustice against those who're suffering from it.

If you consider yourself as a true citizen of the society you live in, then you must closely consider the depression myths which you need to know of. Following are some of the top myths about depression that you need to know about:

myths about depression

Depression Is Not A Real Mental Disorder:
Though by mistake, some people consider depression as a mental disorder, fortunately it is not so. Actually, it is not a biological disorder.

It is an illness that has a social, psychological and biological origin. It can be treated and it is fully curable too. The treatment for depression is available in the form of medication and psychotherapy.

Antidepressant Can Cure Depression Completely:

This is one of the important depression myths that you need to know of. Don’t believe anyone who says depression is incurable. There are quite a few antidepressant medicines that can cure depression completely.

These medicines can alter brain chemistry and have the ability to fix the problems related to biological causes. The treatment takes some time to show its effects.

myths about depression

Depression Is A Result Of Sad Impressions:
Constant disappointments and sad feelings cause depressions. It actually causes some problems to the brain chemistry, and a person becomes victim of depression.

These sad feelings may be caused because of breakups, death of a dear person, or disappointment due to any of the reasons. In the worst situation, a person can even think about committing suicide to get rid of the sad feelings.

myths about depression

Depression Is Genetic:
Though people believe that depression is often genetic, recent studies have put some questions against its genuineness. However, science accepts a marginal risk if a person had his forefathers suffering from depression.

Medicines Can Change Your Personality:
This seems to be one of the most important depression myths that you need to know of.

Constant consumption of antidepressants can cause some changes in the brain chemistry, and that leaves a permanent effect on the brain, which determines the personality and character of a person. Though these medicines cure the disease, they leave a permanent effect on the personality.

These are some of the most prominent depression myths that you need to know about. You could be of some help to the people who're suffering from depression, once you know about the myths related to this. Hence, you can help the people around you with the utmost care.

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