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Common Health Problems Among Geriatric (Elderly) Population

By Staff
| Reviewed By Anoop Amarnath

As globally accepted, those above 65 years of age are considered elderly and fall under the category of geriatric population. One or the other health problem is commonly found among these group of people.

Hence, regular monitoring of their vital parameters is necessary.

The vital parameters, which need regular monitoring for the elderly, are temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, level of consciousness, urine output and pain.

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Common Health Problems Among The Elderly:

1) Urinary Incontinence: This is one of the most common health issues seen among the elderly. In case of women with the onset of menopause, they tend to face this urine inconsistence issue; and in men, if they have a prostrate problem, they tend to face incontinence urination issue.

2) Hearing And Vision Problem: It is common that once people get aged, they tend to lose their vision and also their hearing capability. Due to this, they tend to lose their self-esteem and sometimes, it also leads to depression among them.

3) Arthritis: Majority of the elderly suffer from arthritis. Inflammation of the joints can make their joints stiff and they may have difficulty in moving. This is one of the leading causes of disability among the elderly.

4) Dementia: Yet another health problem that is common among the elderly is dementia. The elderly tend to forget things, find difficulty in remembering dates and a few also find difficulty in talking. The most common form of dementia includes Alzheimer's disease.

5) Sleep Disorder: As one tends to age, he/she experiences difficulty in sleeping, as he/she may have a disturbed sleep. Elderly people wake up early as well. Pathological issue is one common cause for sleep disorders. Among other causes include their health problem, their retirement or could be the death of their loved ones like their spouse.

6) Dental Problem: Oral health goes for a toss as you start ageing. Age-related problems like reduced production of saliva, diabetes, etc, can further lead to gum problems and in the loss of teeth.

7) Depression: Depression is one among the major health issues that is seen among the elderly population. For a few of them, depression turns out to be the cause for other major health problems like Alzheimer's, heart problem, arthritis or even Parkinson's disease.

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Anoop Amarnath
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