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Stop These Common Habits If You Want To Avoid Kidney Damage!

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A healthy lifestyle is key to being disease free. Did you know that there are a few common habits that we follow, which might cause damage to our kidneys?

Many a times, we tend to indulge in certain habits and actually become responsible for our own bad health!

Knowingly or unknowingly, we may do certain things that cause long-lasting damage to our vital organs.

Kidneys are organs located at the back of your pelvis and they carry on important functions like eliminating the waste from your body in the form of urine.

Our kidneys also maintain the natural pH balance of the urine. So, it is very important to keep the kidneys clean and healthy.

Many a times, if our kidneys become weak, they lose their ability to filter out waste products, and so the waste gets accumulated in the kidneys, causing more health complications.

Waste accumulation in the kidney can lead to the formation of kidney stones and even lead to kidney failure, if not treated at the right time.

So, here is a list of common habits you must stop to avoid kidney damage, have a look!

1. Dehydration

causes for kidney damage

Causes for kidney damage include dehydration or not taking in enough water and other healthy fluids, in regular intervals. Dehydration is one of the main causes for the development of kidney stones and also kidney damage.

2. Consuming Excess Sugar

causes for kidney damage

Consuming a lot of sugary foods can increase your blood sugar levels, which is definitely not healthy for your kidneys!

3. Not Treating Infections

causes for kidney damage

Certain common infections like viral flu, tonsillitis, stomach-related infections, etc., can cause kidney damage, as the microorganisms have to pass through the kidneys to be eliminated from the body.

4. Eating Too Much Salt

causes for kidney damage

If you consume salty foods regularly, your kidneys will have to work harder to regulate the electrolyte balance in your blood, which can again lead to kidney damage and even kidney failure.

5. Over-Exercising

causes for kidney damage

Causes for kidney damage can also be over-exercising, as indulging in strenuous exercises regularly can put a lot of strain on the kidneys!

6. Holding Back Urine

causes for kidney damage

When too busy, we tend to hold back our urge to pass urine. This may lead to the accumulation of the infection-causing bacteria, further leading to tissue damage.

7. Alcoholism

causes for kidney damage

A research study has found that people who abuse alcohol or drink alcohol on a regular basis are more prone to liver and kidney damage.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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