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Can Alcohol Cause Acne?

You go on a fun-filled night-out with your friends, grab a couple or drinks, or more than a couple, depending on how you like it, the next morning you wake up with a hangover or a stomach upset.

Now, this could be a common scenario for many youngsters these days.

Most of us know about the negative effects alcohol has on our system. Hangovers, terrible headaches, dehydration, etc, are some of the common side effects of a binge-drinking session.

However, there are certain other negative effects of alcohol on the body, which many of us are unaware of.

If you have ever woken up with zits on your face after a night of heavy drinking, then you may feel that alcohol may be the reason for your breakout.

A complexion covered in acne can be a major turn off and can lower your confidence. So if alcohol is a reason for your bad skin, then maybe it is time to take it easy and stay off of it for a while.

But, does alcohol really cause acne breakouts? Or is it just a myth? Find out, right here.

Alcohol And Hormonal Imbalance
Many studies have shown that there is a strong connection between alcohol and acne breakouts. They say that alcohol can cause your hormones to go haywire. The imbalance of testosterone and oestrogen levels in the body are the main factors behind acne. When these hormones are affected due to alcohol consumption, your skin becomes more prone to breakouts.

Alcohol And Immune System
Binge drinking of alcohol regularly impairs your immune system. This results in the body's ability to fight against acne-causing bacteria, which might be another reason why alcohol is connected to acne breakouts.

Alcohol And Liver Damage
Most of us know that excess drinking can lead to liver damage. The liver is responsible for regulating the hormones in the body and removing toxins. When the liver weakens due to the abuse of alcohol, its ability to flush out toxins reduces. The accumulation of toxins in the body can also lead to acne build-up on the skin.

Alcohol And Yeast
Alcohol is high in sugar and yeast content. When a person ingests excess amount of yeast or sugar, it results in yeast accumulation in the blood, which can definitely cause acne. Beer, cocktails, etc, are known to be packed with yeast and sugar.

Alcohol And Stress
Many people tend to consume alcohol more when they are under a lot of stress or depression. Now, stress can also cause acne due to hormonal imbalance. When this is combined with the negative effects of alcohol, it is double-trouble! So, drinking when stressed out is definitely a bad idea.

Alcohol And Fried Foods
When people drink alcohol, it is usually accompanied with a lot of fried or oily food items. The combination of alcohol and fried foods can also stimulate the production of excess sebum in your skin and further result in acne breakouts.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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