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Let Not The Sun Beat You; Get Up Early And Have A Healthy Life

By: Shubham Ghosh

There are still people in this world who rise with the sunrise and retire with sunset. They believe rising early does provide a lot of good benefits to the body.

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Apparently, they might look 'backward', but they are actually not. If such a lifestyle of living with the sun is possible for us, it can enhance our longevity by far.

However, it is not possible for us to retire for the day with the sun. But, it is definitely possible to get awake with the sun and start the day afresh. Read on to know more about the effects of waking up early before sunrise.

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Studies and practical experience have shown that those who get up early lead a far healthier life than those who don't. So, take a look at why it is good to wake up early in the morning.


1. Gather All Your Energy:

Rising early gives you a fresh energy, both mental and physical and that helps you to spend an entire day productively. Start your day with prayers and a light soothing music. It will condition your mind for the rest of the day, which may be hectic.


2. Get A Lot Of Time:

Remember you are a member of earth and have just 24 hours to finish all your tasks. Getting up early gives you that much extra time to plan your entire schedule for the day. For someone who has a family to look after, an early start is very essential to meet the daily deadlines like preparing kids for schools, making breakfasts, getting himself or herself ready for work, etc. Wake up early and see your life cruise and not struggle.


3. Concentrating Is Best Early In The Morning:

As your mind is fresh and there is less noise, hence making things peaceful, early morning is when our productivity is at its best. Early risers are hence the most productive people, whether they are a poet or a mathematician. Even for students, studying early in the morning improves their retention power.


4. Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal that we have in a day, as it supplies the earliest fuel to our body and sets the motion for the rest of the period. Skipping breakfast or having it too late (fashionably called ‘brunch') can make our body more vulnerable to health problems. Hence, having a nice healthy breakfast to start your day is the best way to treat your body. Also, it is important to enjoy your breakfast in a calm state than gobbling it all up while rushing to work. That is not good for your health.


5. Morning Walk And Exercise:

The benefits of morning walk can only be gained by walking in the fresh morning air. It is indeed a healthy habit that keeps our body running without a problem. Exercising in the morning is also immensely helpful for our body, as it provides the necessary fuel and prepares it for the entire day.


6. Commuting:

This is more of a practical benefit of rising early actually. Those who can leave bed early and prepare for going to work place can cut down on the everyday hassle in traffic and pollution.


7. Cooperating With The Body:

Our body runs as per a biological clock, and it is very important to set its timing right, so that our body isn't forced beyond the limits. Rising early helps our body system to respond to that biological clock and prevents the possibility of brain, heart and stomach ailments.


8. Achievers Always Rise Early:

Because of the advantages that rising early offers, achievers in history have always been among the earliest to leave the bed. If you are aiming for a high goal in life, there is no point working towards it with a spent energy in the middle of the night. Take your constructive steps early in the morning. They will be in the right direction.

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Story first published: Monday, October 17, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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