Are Vitamin D Supplements Really Worth Taking?

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The human body does not produce enough vitamins that it needs and must get them from foods. When taken as a health supplement and included in one's everyday diet, these help to balance out the insufficiencies of improper eating routine, overcooked foods and non nutritive unhealthy foods.

Vitamins are essential in the creation of red blood cells and the protection of the nervous, skeletal and resistance system. These help to improve vision and fight skin disorders, like psoriasis and eczema and shield the throat, mouth and lungs from pre-cancerous cells.

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But are these supplements worth taking? Today we shall discuss in particular if vitamin D supplements are worth taking or not. Vitamin D aids in the assimilation of calcium, thus helping to form and maintain strong bones.

are vitamin d supplements really worth taking

Vitamin D maintains proper neuromuscular function, reduces inflammation and helps in cell growth. According to current research, vitamins D increases fertility, reduces the severity of diseases, reduces the risk of breast cancer and infections in the respiratory tract.

are vitamin d supplements really worth taking

Hence the need for vitamin D. However, the question you should ask is whether you need vitamin D supplements. It has been found that people who do not expose themselves much to sunlight suffer from vitamin D insufficiency. When our bodies are exposed to the UVB rays of the sun, our body produces vitamin D.

are vitamin d supplements really worth taking

Some people who are obese also suffer from vitamin D deficiency as vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. Pregnant women also suffer from vitamin D deficiency as it is required for the proper growth of the baby.

Hence, the need for vitamin D supplements. Even if you are exposing yourself to sunshine and having enough vitamin D rich foods like milk, yogurt, fish, cod liver oil, etc., you might need vitamin D supplements as your body might not be able to absorb enough of it.

are vitamin d supplements really worth taking

So, watch out for the signs of vitamin D deficiency and accordingly consult your doctor. He will prescribe the right dose for you. Do not take vitamin D supplements on your own as it can prove to be fatal if you do not take the right dose.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 22, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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