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10 Instant Ayurvedic Remedies For Acidity (Indigestion)

By: Luna Dewan

You have had a sumptuous meal at a function in your relatives' place, and following which after a while, you get severe acidity (indigestion).

You then get pain, feel a sort of discomfort and have abdominal bloating. In such a condition, the first thing what most of us do is, look out for instant herbal and Ayurvedic remedies available at home.

Have you ever wondered why we get this indigestion and bloating problem?

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The secretion of digestive juices in our stomach leads to indigestion and, in some severe cases, few of them also get a kind of a stomach burning sensation and nausea.

It generally occurs when one consumes spicy and oily foods or when one overeats.

Once the stomach acid, which helps you to digest the food, gets disturbed then one tends to get this indigestion.

The layer separating the stomach, oesophagus and bowel gets damaged with these kinds of spicy and oily foods and when one is overeating often.

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Following which, the stomach acid can cause an irritation to the oesophagus, the tissues lying underneath, and the bowel.

This is how one tends to get the feeling of abdominal bloating, a kind of fullness or discomfort in the upper part of the abdomen or chest, along with pain.

Here are 10 instant Ayurvedic herbal remedies that can help you to do away with acidity ( indigestion), have a look:


1. Ajwain:

Ajwain water is considered as one of the best instant home remedies to get relief from indigestion. Add two teaspoons of ajwain to a glass of boiling water. Strain it and then drink the liquid.


2. Amla:

Chewing dried amla gives you an instant relief from indigestion and stomach bloating. Dried amla is available in the market or can be prepared at home. Boil amla and then cut it into pieces. Mix it with some salt and then dry it under the sun, following which you can consume it.


3. Clove:

Clove has digestive properties and it helps curb the digestive gasses. This inturn helps in reducing stomach bloating. Clove can be chewed or a few drops of clove oil can be added to a glass of water and consumed.


4. Black Pepper:

In order to do away with the burning sensation and heaviness of the abdomen, caused by indigestion, black pepper taken along with some buttermilk gives you a great relief.


5. Ginger:

Since ancient times, ginger has been considered as one of the best remedies to indigestion. A strong ginger tea is known to stimulate saliva and gastric juices secretion that aid in digestion.


6. Basil Leaves:

Chewing a few basil leaves can help create saliva that helps in the digestion process. Within no time, you can get away with indigestion and the acid reflux problem.


7. Caraway Seeds:

Caraway seeds are one of the best-known ingredients to have an immediate effect on indigestion. These seeds help stimulate certain stomach activities and alleviate gas and belching.


8.Artichoke Leaf:

It is one of the effective herbs that is known to help indigestion and stomach bloating problem.Chewing artichoke leaf is known to help increase the bile flow, thereby aiding in the process of digestion.


9. Chamomile:

Chamomile tea is known to have digestive properties. Tea prepared using dried chamomile helps provide relief to the stomach muscles and in turn aids in a proper digestion process.


10. Turmeric:

One of the easily available herbal medicines in every kitchen is turmeric. Mixing turmeric and yogurt and consuming it is known to help deal with the indigestion pain and bloating.

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