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7 Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Stroke


A stroke can be life-threatening. When the flow of blood to your brain gets obstructed, the cells in the brain may start dying almost immediately. That is the reason why it is important to minimise the risk of stroke.

The Healing Powers Of Fruits

There are certain ways to reduce the risk of stroke if you can clearly know about the types of risk factors. There are many, but your family doctor can identify the exact risk factor that you should work on.

Once you identify the actual risk factor, minimising the risk of stroke gets easier. Some risk factors can't be handled but some can be controlled. For example, age and genetic factors aren't in your hands to control.

Why Size Doesn't Matter

But lifestyle habits like eating, smoking and drinking alcohol are risk factors that can be controlled if you are determined to live longer.


Choose Your Food Carefully

As cholesterol is your enemy, be careful in what you eat. Attend regular checkups as high cholesterol levels can severely damage your blood vessels.


Allocate 20 Minutes For Activity

If you perform any simple exercise at least for 20-25 minutes 5 times a week, you can minimise your risk of stroke.


Reduce Your Weight

High levels of body fat can also contribute to the risk of stroke as obesity may worsen blood pressure, heart issues and also cholesterol levels.


Control Your Urge

Make it a point to eat vegetables and fruits and stay away from processed foods, sugary snacks and salty foods too.


What Damages Your Arteries?

Do you know that smoking can harm your arteries and blood vessels? Also, this habit can increase your BP.



Get your BP checked as hypertension is one of the main factors that has to be feared.


Drink Water Not Alcohol

A study confirmed that drinking alcohol beyond limits can worsen the risk of stroke even when a person is young.

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