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10 Unhealthy Foods We Have Fallen In Love With

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Are there healthy foods in your diet? Reality check: most of us consume foods that are unhealthy and addictive! Experts state that most of us follow a blind diet. One that consists of multi grain bread, cause we think it is healthier when compared to white bread. We also add oats to the breakfast meal, ditching fried options like dosas and puris. But, did you know oats too are unhealthy to consume?

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Likewise, the other unhealthy foods we have fallen for contain artificial sweeteners, a high amount of calories, trans fats, absence of nutrients and a good amount of bad carbohydrates. Consuming these unhealthy foods everyday will leave us with a troubled tummy and other serious diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and more. It is important to consume only a small quantity of these unhealthy foods. Experts suggest that making these foods a daily habit, will only dip your immunity levels.

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On the other hand, if you are consuming these foods, make it a habit to exercise regularly. These unhealthy foods have ingredients which will make the body bloat. Therefore, practicing a healthy routine at the gym or doing yoga, will help your body stay active and fit. Here are some of the unhealthy foods we have all fallen in love with. Why don't you take a look:



For those with a sweet tooth, adding a coat of mixed fruit jam over a slice of bread is a must. Jams contain a high amount of pectin and added sugar which have a tendency to stick to the health-boosting antioxidants like beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein; they carry them out of your system before your body can benefit from them.



Every morning most of us opt for a colourful cereal. This unhealthy breakfast is loaded with Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), refined carbohydrates and added sugar which create havoc in the body. This harmful meal should be kept away from children.


Ice Cream

Most of the ice creams available in stores do contain milk and cream, but apart from that, ice creams have a heavy amount of Soybean oil, titanium dioxide and artificial colouring. These three harmful ingredients have been linked to obesity and heart diseases. So, it is best to prepare ice cream at home.



Oreo biscuits are much loved by adults and children. This unhealthy food which is at times an addiction contains alkali processed cocoa and high fructose corn syrup which when consumed promotes inflammation in the body. Oreos also contain palm oil which makes the body feel lethargic and weak.


Multi-grain Bread

Did you ever think multi-grain bread is healthy? Well, think again as this unhealthy food should be avoided at all costs. Multi-grain bread contains refined grains which make food cravings all the more stronger. Multi grain bread should not be consumed when you're extremely hungry.


Rice Milk

If the rice milk is not fortified it is unsafe to consume it. Rice milk contains a high amount of carbohydrates, low in protein and calcium. Instead of rice milk it is better to opt for healthier options like almond milk and skim milk.


Banana Chips

This unhealthy treat is one of the foods many of us can't keep our paws off. Banana chips are fried and contain a high amount of calories leading to weight gain. It is better to opt for a ripe banana as it is healthier and very nutritious.


Baked Beans

Baked beans are unhealthy as they contains a ton of preservatives which affect the body. The artificial ingredients added to baked beans are extremely harmful. One should avoid consuming baked beans.



Ketchup is another unhealthy food we should avoid. Ketchup has salt, sugar and carbohydrates which makes the body lethargic. Ketchup is also processed and non-organic which is very harmful.


Soy Sauce

This dark sauce which is loved by most of us is unhealthy as it contains a high amount of salt. If this sauce is consumed regularly, it is said to activate cancer cells in the body.

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