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10 Signs of Iron Deficiency

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To have a strong immunity, there are some metals which play a vital role. Iron is one of those most important components. But it is not easy to realize that you are suffering from iron deficiency. Resent researches have shown that women suffer from iron deficiency mostly. More surprisingly, experts suggest that women, who are very much physically active, face this problem in their life.

Now, you need to know why iron is needed in your body. Actually, it is the most important part of hemoglobin. Besides, it helps to carry oxygen from lungs and spread it throughout the body.

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Therefore, lack of iron leads to anemia. Why does iron deficiency happen to you? In case of growing children, the absorption of iron increases. Then, they need more iron which doesn’t come from foods only. Besides, if you lose enough blood, iron drains from your body. Pregnant women are also in high need of iron. In such cases you have to have some iron supplements to meet the iron need. But are you aware about signs of iron deficiency?

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There are certain symptoms which you often overlook. But have you ever considered your excessive lethargy as a cause of iron deficiency? It is not difficult to find 10 signs of iron deficiency as there are more than that. So, to get early treatment, know the signs of iron deficiency. Here are 10 signs of iron deficiency for your knowledge-



It is one of the most important symptoms of lacking iron in your body. Iron is the important source of spreading oxygen through your body which is the cause of energy. If you're suffering from iron deficiency you will feel tired, weak and exhausted after small work.



Are you losing breath after little workout or using a staircase? Then, without delay consult your doctor for ferritin test. May be you're suffering from iron deficiency. This is also happens due to irregular flow of oxygen which is the result of iron deficiency.


Heavy Periods

The signs of iron deficiency which are very prominent in case of women is this. They lose much blood at this time which drains iron from their body. So, if you need to change more than 6 pads a day, talk to your gyno.


Unusual Muscle Pain

Do you feel burning sensation at muscles at regular basis? May be after some workout at gym. This causes due to lack of iron which prevents your muscles to recover from any small pain. Definitely one of the 10 signs of iron deficiency.


Very Pale Skin

Check your cheeks, inside the lips and bottom eyelids. If you find those areas pale then it's time to seek a doctor. Hemoglobin is the protein which enhances the red blood cells. Lack of iron in your blood makes you look unusually pale.


Cravings for Clay, Ice and Chalk

Have you noticed your child to grow bad habits of chewing chalk, paper or clay? Yes, it is strange but true that lack of iron body leads to follow such habits.



10 signs of iron deficiency include severe headaches. As iron deficiency hampers oxygen supply to your brain, the tissues get disturbed and the arteries of your brain can swell and leads to head pains.



It's an unavoidable truth that you are stressed out for various reasons. But is anxiety getting on your nerves? Then don't delay to check the iron balance of your body. Your heart doesn't get enough oxygen it starts to beat faster which triggers your nervous system to get more anxious.


Hair Loss

Yes, there are lots of other reasons, but iron deficiency can be one of those. If you are suffering from severe iron deficiency, your body concentrates on fighting the serious problems you're getting than the trivial ones like hair fall. So, it can lead to baldness.


Under-active Thyroid

To end the list of 10 signs of iron deficiency, this must be included. Lack of iron lowers the secretion of thyroxin in your body and leads to Hypothyroidism. As a result you can have symptoms like lower body temperature, sudden weight gain or loss etc.

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