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10 Health Problems Hidden On Your Face


Did you know that your face can tell you exactly what is wrong with your health? Shocking right? A new study shows that your face tells a lot about what is happening inside the body. If you have the tendency to sweat on your face this could mean a hormonal deficiency, the colour of your lips and eyes can tell if your suffering from anemia or low blood pressure.

Likewise, there are other health issues which can be seen on your face. The next time you look dull or have flaky skin or puffy eyes, make sure to visit a doctor as this could mean something. On the other hand, these health problems are inter-related and could have a different meaning too.


However, it is nice that you pay attention to what your face tells you, notice the signs today:


Facial Hair

There are some women who have facial hair which is rather embarrassing. Facial hair is a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a condition where a lot of young women suffer from. IT leads to difficulty in conception, infertility, irregular or absent periods.


Unexplained Wrinkles

Did you know that wrinkles is a sign of osteoporosis, especially in women. Premature wrinkles could also be a sign that you lack vitamin D. This is one of the things your face says about your health.


Cracked Lips

When your lips crack it could mean that you lack water in your body. It could also mean that thyroid dysfunction and a drug allergy. On the other hand, if your cracked dry lips are accompanied with dry mouth and dry skin along with joint pain, it could mean a liver problem


Sweaty Face

Perspiration is normal, but excessive sweating can represent other diseases like hyperhidrosis, hormonal deficiencies or menopause for older women. So, if your sweating excessively on your face, it is time to visit a doctor.


Pale Skin

The moment your skin becomes pale, it could mean that your pressure is low. Other signs which accompany this health problem is dizziness, dehydration, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue and even depression.


Colour Of Your Lips

If your lips or eyelids start changing colour, it is one thing your face is telling your about health. The change of colour on lips could mean that your anemic.


Rash On Nose & Under Eyes

Rash under the eyes or on the nose could be a sign of lupus. This is a health problem which weakens the immune system and can cause damage to your joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs and brain.


Dry Skin

Dry skin is another indication of a health issue. If no moisturtiser works for you, it is time you get a diabetes and thyroid test done. Dry skin is one thing on your face which tells your health is in trouble.


Neck Pigmentation

Most women have an issue with neck pigmentation. The discolouration of the neck skin could mean hormonal imbalance. It is best to check your thyroid and PCOS, test too.


A Puffed Face

A puffed face shows you lack sleep, it also mean malfunctioning of the kidneys or due to the heart not being able to pump blood properly.

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