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    10 Fabulous Tricks To Stop Sugar Cravings

    By Staff

    Cravings are a signal that tell our body that we need something to eat. Cravings depend from person to person. Some people get cravings for spicy foods and while others for sugary foods. Sugar cravings are the most common and one of the most harmful cravings.

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    Sugar cravings can lead to weight gain, diabetes, weak immune system, body inflammation and even cancer. Sugar is addictive so, if you continue paying heed to your sugar cravings, it will never end and keep on increasing day by day.

    While in stress, people try to soothe and relax mind by eating a sugary food but this is short lived and can harm their health in the long run. Sugar gives a boost of energy as it contains simple carbs. It can give you a feeling of satisfaction but at the same time cause a sharp increase in your blood sugar levels.

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    You must limit the intake of high sugary foods and also artificial sugars (zero calorie) as they cause more damage. Here are some simple and best tips to control your sugar cravings.

    10 Fabulous Tricks To Stop Sugar Cravings


    1. Chew Food Slowly

    When you chew your food properly, the starch present in the food that you eat is broken down into sugar. Later on, this chewed food goes into the stomach for further digestion. This slow eating and chewing habits will help satisfy your sugar cravings.


    2. Eat More Healthy Fat, Fibre And Protein

    If you are completely cutting down your sugar consumption, then it is must to eat healthy fats and fibre rich food so that there will be sustained release of energy in your body. Eating these foods will also stop your sugar cravings. You can have oats, whole wheat pasta, lean meat and fatty fish.


    3. Vanilla Scent

    To control sugar craving use vanilla scent. A study has shown that inhaling vanilla scent will stop your sugar cravings effectively. You can light a vanilla scented candle or simply spray some vanilla scented perfume on your palms.


    4. Eat Regularly

    Delaying your meal time can make you crave sugar more. You must eat a little healthy food frequently every three to four hours. This will make you feel less hungry and also increase the rate of your metabolism. Therefore, your sugar cravings will decrease as you are already full.


    5. Cut Back On Alcohol And Caffeine

    They cause mineral deficiencies in the body and will also dehydrate you. Alcohol and caffeine therefore, worsen your sugar cravings. Overindulging in coffee and alcohol can cause you to eat more sugary foods.


    6. Keep Your Self Occupied In The Afternoons

    The sugar cravings mostly start after having lunch. The reason is that in mid-afternoon you may get bored and frustrated and your brain starts to crave something sweet and calorie laden. During afternoons, keep yourself occupied with some interesting work to avoid sugar cravings.


    7. Eat Foods That Are High In Chromium

    Chromium will help you to control your sugar cravings as it controls your blood sugar level. Eat foods rich in chromium such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, eggs, whole grains etc.


    8. Try Chewing Gum

    Research has shown that chewing gum reduces the craving or urge to eat a sugary thing. It makes your body think that you are already eating and brings down the hunger pangs.


    9. Have Some Occasional Sugary Treat

    One of the best tips to stop sugar cravings is to have an occasional sugary food. However, don't over eat. You can have a candy or a cookie occasionally.


    10. Understand What Sugar Does To You

    Think about the harmful effects of sugar apart from weight gain. You can consider the other harmful effects of sugar such as sugar addiction, diabetes, cancer, weak immune system, inflammation and tooth decay.

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