Simple Hand Exercises To Relieve Pain And Fear

By: Iram Majid
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It is very common to reach out to medicines when we are tired, stressed out or in any sort of body pain. Taking medicines frequently for these conditions can deteriorate our health in a longer run.

But how wonderful it would be if there are some harmless practices to alleviate your overall health issues.

A recent research shows that each finger of our hand is linked to some or the other body organ. Some specific hand massages and exercises can relieve the pain related to a particular organ.

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According to ancient reflexology, each finger is related to different body ailment and emotions. And doing these simple hand massages will improve your physical and emotional states.

However, you must also consult a doctor to rule out any serious body ailments which may be causing the pain. These exercises are only a safe alternative to pain killers and other common medicines. Apart from this, these hand massages will also alleviate fear, irritability, insecurity and anxiety.

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There are many health benefits of hand reflexology massage. So we bring a painless and natural alternative for everyday aches and pains. Scroll further to take a look at these incredibly simple finger exercises also known as reflexology massage.


Thumb: Headache & Stress

Thumb is linked to your spleen, stomach and your emotions as well. If you are getting a headache or a feeling of nervousness and depression, hold your thumb and apply a slight pressure to it. You can also massage it gently. Repeat this process three to four times or until you get relaxed.


Index Finger: Muscle Aches & Frustration

Index finger is linked to fear, confusion and kidneys. Research shows that massaging your index finger improves the condition of patients with kidney diseases. Index finger massage can also benefit those having backache, muscle pain, discomfort in limbs (legs and arms). Do this finger exercise to alleviate pain.


Middle Finger: Fatigue, Tiredness & Anger

Apply a gentle pressure to your middle finger to relieve pain, inflammation, liver problems, and impaired blood circulation. A slight massage to your middle finger will also help you to calm down if you are angry and irritated. This exercise will make you feel relaxed and helps you to maintain a normal blood pressure.


Ring Finger: Digestive Issues & Negative Thoughts

Ring finger massage is a key remedy for negative thoughts, confused mind and digestive problems. Applying a slight pressure to your ring finger also relieves chest pain and respiratory problems. While doing these exercises you will need to relax, stay calm and take deep breathes.


Little finger: Low Self Esteem, Fear & Nervousness

People who are too sensitive and thinking more can massage their smaller finger to get out of that hard thinking process, mostly causing negative energy. Clear your mind from all those things that you think are letting you down or making you feel low, while doing this finger exercise.


Palm: Nausea, Diarrhea & Constipation

Rub your palm gently in a rotating motion using your other hand. You can also hold the center of your palm and breathe deeply for three times. This palm exercise relieves nausea, nervousness and constipation. This exercise has benefited cancer patients undergoing treatment.


Hand: Strength & Blood Flow

Gently press the central areas of your palms by bringing your hands together. Doing this will increase the blood flow to the intestines and kidneys. This exercise will also increase your body strength and self confidence. This is one of the best hand exercises for increasing body strength.

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