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10 Signs Your Heart Is In Trouble, Ladies

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On the occasion of World Heart Day 2015, it is time to acknowledge your beautiful organ and look after it with care. By following the right diet, performing exercises that will strengthen your heart and becoming aware of signs and symtoms related to heart problems, are some of the things all of us should keep in mind.

Today, heart attacks and heart diseases are raging over the world and it is only because we choose to ignore the signs of our heart being in trouble.ARE YOU DIABETIC AND A HEART PATIENT?

A recent study shows that women are more prone to heart attacks and heart diseases when compared to men, which is why Boldsky shares this article with you.

It is essential for women to pay more attention to their heart and know the signs of heart problems. However, keep in mind not to panic as this could harm you all the more.So ladies on the occasion of World Heart Day 2015, take a look at some of the signs to show that your heart is in deep trouble:



Do you feel tired during the day even though you are not under that much of pressure? Well, if so, it could be that your heart is in trouble. Experts state that when the heart is straining itself to pump blood to all parts of your body, you begin to feel tired. This is one of the signs to keep in mind.



Do you find your legs and hands swelling? If your salt intake is less, then it might be a problem with your heart. Swelling of the limbs could be due to the sluggish heart since the blood flow is restricted and builds up in your veins causing it to swell.


Chest Pain

Chest pain is another sign that your heart is in trouble. Chest pain that occurs during the night or as soon as you wake is something you should consider important. It is best to get a ECG done to make sure your heart is doing fine.


Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath is another sign you should choose not to ignore ladies. If your having a problem breathing, make a doctor's appoitment today. Shortness of breath is because the heart isn't pumping effectively. The blood gets collected in the veins and fluid can leak into the lungs that will make you exhausted and breathless soon.



If you feel dizzy without any reason, you should not ignore this heart sign. If all other reasons are ruled out and your still feeling unstable it could be due to the improper heart functions.



Indigestion is related to a lot of other health issues. If everything else is signed out and indigestion still continues it is time to get an ECG done. Experts state that When your heart isn't pumping enough blood, the stomach, and the digestive system doesn't have enough blood to digest your food, thus causing the idgestion.


Inability To Walk

Do you feel tired and weak even after walking for 5 to 10 minutes? Well, if this is accompanied with leg cramps it could be a sign of peripheral arterial disease.


Irregular Heartbeats

Irregular heart beats could mean a faulty valve. It is time to get your heart checked. Don't ignore this sign as your heart could be in serious problem.


Excessive Sweating

Pay heed to excessive sweating too as this could be another sign ladies that your heart need attention. Excessive sweating accompained with extreme fatigue is a problem not to ignore.


Can You Hear Your Heart Beating?

When a heart valve becomes faulty you will tend to hear your heart beat out loud. This is another sign you should not ignore ladies.

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