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Main Reasons Why You Have A Dry Vagina

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Our body can face many health issues at times and there are certain indicators that can help detect a particular disease during diagnosis. Your vagina can also be a good indicator of your health. Any changes in the vagina can mean that you have a health issue. Normally, the vagina remains wet, which shows that your hormones are in place. However, a dry vagina can indicate many health issues, which may vary from minor to major health problems.

Sometimes, some minor changes in the body such as stress, low sex desire and lifestyle changes can make your vagina dry. However, a dry vagina also needs some medical help, as it can be a symptom of certain diseases that needs medical attention. Once the underlying condition for dry vagina is treated, the vagina can also be healthy.

Dry vagina can also cause problems in love making, as it may pain due to decreased secretions. Use of vaginal lubricants is not always a permanent solution for this problem. You need to treat it from the root cause.

Read on the article to find out the reasons of your dry vagina that you can avoid.


Ovulation Issues

When a woman ovulates, the vagina remains wet and there is always a thick mucous secretion from the vagina, which indicates that there is normal ovulation. If your vagina is dry, it may indicate that you are not ovulating. In such cases, visit a doctor to check for ovulation problems. This is one of the causes of dry vagina.


Use Of Antiseptic Soaps

Another reason for dry vagina is excessive use of antiseptic soaps. Frequent washing of vagina with antiseptic soaps can also cause dryness of the vagina. The chemicals present in the soaps can enter the vagina and cause much harm, including dryness. Therefore, you must stop the excessive use of antiseptic soaps on the vagina and use mild ones instead.


Thyroid Issue

If you have thyroid problems, the sex drive can also decrease. In case of hypothyroidism, the female hormones also can be altered, leading to vaginal dryness. Therefore, if you are having other symptoms along with a dry vagina such as loss of hair, irritability, dry skin and weight gain go in for a thyroid check.



When you are stressed out due to many problems in life this can cause hormonal imbalances and a low sexual desire. This can make your vagina dry, as the vaginal secretion also depends on your mental state. Stress also leads to the secretion of a stress hormone, known as cortisol, in the body. This hormone can cause weight gain and sexual issues if secreted in excess.


Low Oestrogen Levels (Menopause)

If you have hormonal imbalances such as reduced secretion of oestrogen in the body, this means that your menopausal stage is approaching. During menopause (cessation of menstrual cycles), there is a low secretion of female hormones which can cause a dry vagina.


After Delivery And During Breastfeeding

During this phase also the vagina can be dry, as there will be a decrease of hormones that would have been raised much during pregnancy. However, after sometime the hormones can get back to their normal levels in the body and your vaginal dryness will reduce. This can be a temporary reason for dry vagina.



Some drugs such as anti-allergic (anti-histamines) drugs prescribed for asthma may also cause dryness of vagina. This is because these drugs stop the mucous secretions, and thereby the effect shows up in the vagina as well. However, after discontinuation of the medicines, the normal vaginal secretions will tend to increase.

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