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Is Heart Disease The Biggest Killer?

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Is heart disease the biggest killer? Heart disease took the first place whereas stroke took the second rank. A recent study finalised that these two diseases are claiming maximum number of lives every year.

Out of the total number of deaths that occur in the world every year, nearly 30% are due to heart issues. And almost 11% of the deaths were attributed to stroke. Though health experts in very country are trying their best to reduce the risks, the numbers seem to keep growing.

Is Heart Disease The Biggest Killer- Pulse

A study claims that 1 out of 3 deaths are due to cardiovascular issues or stroke. This is why researchers have labeled diabetes, obesity and high BP as global epidemics.

Is Heart Disease The Biggest Killer- Save Heart

Scientists are now looking deeper than ever to find out all the factors that might save the heart from such issues. Good food, exercise, body weight, cholesterol levels, smoking habit and blood pressure levels- all of these factors do have a say in saving or killing the heart.

Is Heart Disease The Biggest Killer- Woman Dying

To put it in nutshell, saving your heart lies in the kind of habits your embrace. It boils down to the basic point that lifestyle habits contribute a lot to health.

Is Heart Disease The Biggest Killer- Heart

Also, today's youngsters have become careless with their food habits. Most of them are addicted to processed foods. On the other hand, smoking and drinking have become the order of the day for many people. Lack of exercise is the other issue to be addressed. With the growing number of sedentary jobs, obesity is increasing rapidly.

Is Heart Disease The Biggest Killer- Smoking

Health experts say that if healthy practices are not followed, saving the heart from early death would be impossible. From food to exercise levels, from quitting bad habits like smoking to controlling stress levels, a lot has to be done in daily life and that is why health experts are trying to increase awareness among people.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 8:02 [IST]
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