Intimate Tips For People With Breathing Problems

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People who suffer from breathing problems tend to avoid getting intimate with their partner, in fear that they will run short of breath during the process. For many who have witnessed this problem usually end up feeling embarrassed and suffocated while making love.

To put an end to this health issue, experts state that those suffering from asthma and wheezing should follow healthy rules, to perform better in bed.

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On the other hand, practicing yoga is one way of regularising and controlling severe breathing problems. Yoga helps to calm the nerves, control the mind, bring in positivity and also reduces stress which is a common problem that aggravates the lungs.

Likewise, exercises like running, jogging, meditating and swimming also help to boost lung strength which is beneficial to increase performance in bed.

For those who are suffering from breathing problems should also avoid foods that cause breathing difficulties. Experts state foods that are cooling for the body should be avoided by asthma and wheezing patients. Pineapple, ice-creams, guava, lettuce are some foods which are cooling in nature, causing the onset of cold and cough, leading to breathing problems.

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Here are some intimate or lovemaking tips for those who suffer from breathing problems. Follow these healthy tips when you get intimate with your partner.


Cough Before Getting Intimate

When suffering with breathing problems, especially a chest cold, it is best to forcefully cough out the phlegm. This prevents one from feeling uneasy during lovemaking.


Make Love Only When Relaxed

It is necessary to make love, when the body is at ease, relaxed and not stressed. By doing so, it avoids adding too much of pressure on the lungs.


Avoid Morning Sex

Morning sex should not be practiced if your suffering from breathing problems. In the morning, the body produces more phlegm which makes breathing difficult. Thus to avoid the problem, try a better time to get intimate.


Avoid Lovemaking Post A Meal

Making love post a meal is dangerous for those who have breathing problems, since food makes the body feel bloated and makes the lungs feel weak. It is therefore, healthy to have sex before a meal instead of after.


Easy & Comfortable Positions

Men who have breathing problems should avoid the missionary position as it involves a lot of pressure on the lungs. Try the spooning position and the cowgirl position.


Take That Interval

It is essential to take required breaks during intimacy. It helps the lungs to regain strength and also improves on the energy levels. This is one health tip to follow if suffering from breathing problems.


Home Remedies For Breathing

There are a lot of home remedies to decrease breathing problems. Yoga, swimming and meditating are a few, along with sipping on warm water when you feel uneasy.

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