How To Treat Sour Stomach

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Sour stomach is a very common condition these days. It generally occurs to almost everybody irrespective of their age. Sour stomach is associated with the upper gastro intestine and this occurs due to the indigestion of the food we eat.

Sour stomach is also known as acid indigestion. There are dozens of reasons why you might get a tummy ache. One of it can be sour stomach. Studies reveal that an upset stomach and acid reflux are the two common terms that are generally associated with sour stomach.

Sour stomach is also related to various digestive problems like : overeating or eating food without chewing it, eating spicy food, large meals or spoiled food. Intake of excess alcohol and beverages also causes sore stomach.

There are many remedies for sour stomach that you can use to treat as well as get relief from the uneasy symptoms of sour stomach.

In this article today, check out the various home remedies to cure sour stomach. These home remedies are not only effective but also are easy to follow. Check them out.



Carrots help to boost the capacity of the stomach and improve digestion. It helps to heal sour stomach and improves the health of your stomach. For better results you can make a smoothie of carrots and banana. Grind it well and drink this to sour stomach.


Milk + Honey

Drinking warm milk helps in relieving sour stomach pain. It helps to coat the stomach lining and reduce the sour belches. Honey on the other end has a soothing effect on the stomach by coating the stomach lining. All that you need to do is add 2 teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm milk. Stir these ingredients well and drink it.


Lemon Juice

Generally people get confused with the acidic nature of lemon and think that it cannot treat sour stomach, but it works best for sour stomach. The acidic nature helps to generate alkaline residues in the body. This process in turn balances the pH balance of the body, thus helps in treating sour stomach effectively. All you need to do is drink a glass of lemon juice and get relief from sour stomach.


Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds help in effectively treating sour stomach by reducing the symptoms like abdominal bloating and stomach cramps. For best results drink fennel seeds soaked water. It helps in giving instant relief from sore stomach. Follow this remedy if you are experiencing this condition frequently.


Ginger Water

Ginger produces more digestive enzymes, which aid in the digestive process. It also helps to reduce gas formation in the stomach due to the indigestion of the food. For best results drink a glass of luke warm water along with ½ teaspoon of ginger.


Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea helps to calm the sour stomach by providing a soothing effect to it. Studies reveal that cinnamon can also be used to get relief from the abdominal bloating as well. Take a cup of boiling water and add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Strain the liquid when it turns cold and drink it.


Mint Tea

Mint has a soothing effect on sour stomach. The menthol property in mint has a cooling effect to the sour stomach. It helps to calm down the muscles of the digestive system as well. To a cup of hot water add 1 teaspoon of dried mint leaves to it. Strain the tea and drink it warm.

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These are the few home remedies to treat sour stomach. If you have any suggestions that can be shared with us, then do comment in the section below.

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