How to Get Rid of Jock Itch

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Jock itch is a fungal infection caused by the fungus trichophyton. Jock itch is medically known as tinea cruris. Jock itch can affect both men and women. However, it is more common among men. This fungal infection is caused in the groin area, buttocks, genital areas and inner thighs.

It can get quite embarrassing for people to itch themselves, when they are suffering from the itchiness. Studies have revealed that most people do not even know when and how they got the jock itch.

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Few symptoms of jock itch are red rashes around the groin area, itchiness around the groin area, flaking skin and a burning sensation. Studies have also revealed that diabetic people who have low immunity and are obese can be more prone to jock itch.

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It can be caused by wearing tight clothes, moisture, rubbing of skin, fungal infections, excess sweating, bacterial infection, humidity, exercise and even due to the use of public restrooms. However, the good news is that it can be cured.

In this article, we are here to share some of the best home remedies that you can use to get rid of jock itch. Read on to know more.



Mouthwash has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. This is an excellent home remedy that helps in getting rid of jock itch. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the solution and clean the infected area. This helps in killing the bacteria and also keeps the area free from fungus growth.


Salt Bath

Salt prevents growth of infection and is a great remedy to treat blisters. You can make a scrub using salt on the infected part. Wash it with clean water. This helps to get rid of jock itch.


Onion Juice

This sounds crazy, but it can work wonders! Make a paste of a boiled onion or juice it. Apply this on the infected area and wash with a mild soap later to get rid of the smell. This helps in curbing the fungal growth.


Coconut Oil

Clean the infected area before applying coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on the affected area and let it dry. This helps in getting rid of the flaky skin and jock itch. Repeat this process 3-4 times a day for best results.


Corn Starch

Wondering how this can help? Well, corn starch is used as a drying agent. Make a paste of corn starch in plain water and apply it on the infected area that is moist. Repeat this step every 4 hours once or when the area gets moist.



As honey is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it makes an excellent choice for preventing jock itch. For best results, apply honey directly on the infected areas. Wash it with cold water and dab it dry.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the best herbal treatments for jock itch. Apply aloe vera pulp or juice on the affected area. This helps in getting rid of jock itch and also in keeping the skin smooth.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is rich in anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. Apart from this, it is one of the best drying agents. Apply this oil directly on the infected part and let it dry. Repeat this process a couple of times and see the infection vanish.

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