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Healthy Things To Do On A Holiday

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All of us love to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but the work week never allows us to so do. Also, certain bad lifestyle habits have gradually become part of our lives.

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From eating junk food to sipping coffee every hour to cope up the tension in the workplace, we have gradually shifted from healthy living to unhealthy but prosperous lifestyles.

If you have bad food habits like consuming junk twice or thrice a day and have the habit of smoking and drinking till late night, your health may soon give up.

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In fact, it is tough to change your bad habits all of a sudden. The best thing to do is to spend every holiday of yours along with weekends in the healthiest way possible. This can save your health at least up to an extent.Now, let us discuss about certain healthy things to do on a holiday.


Start Your Day With A Green Smoothie

On weekdays, you seldom find time to eat something healthy. Sometimes, you may even skip your breakfast and eat junk in lunch. So, on a holiday, drink spinach juice as soon as you wake up as it detoxifies your system.


Go Out For A Walk

At least on a holiday, you can afford to go out for a walk along with your friends into the woods. This will surely refresh your mind and body.



This is one of the healthiest things to do on a holiday. Science has already proved that meditation has both physical and mental benefits. Clean the clutter in your mind through meditation on a holiday.



Gardening can be a good pastime and it can also engage your mind and body. It can burn some calories too. Try this activity on a holiday.


Lift Weights

If you love a healthy lifestyle, the best thing to do is to hit the gym on a holiday. Even if you can't workout during week days, doing something during weekends may also help your health in a small way.


Spend Time With Loved Ones

Loneliness is unhealthy and depressive. Whenever you get a holiday, spend some quality times with your friends, family or pets. This is a healthy way of spending your time.


Household Chores

Don't under estimate the power of simple household chores. They too burn calories. So, instead of getting them done by servants or machines, try doing some household work on a holiday.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 22:00 [IST]
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