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Do You Know Why Honey & Sesame Seeds Are Healthy?

Honey is regarded as a super-food and a medicinal ingredient that helps get rid of many health problems. This liquid gold ingredient is also a treasure chest filled with vitamins and minerals. Honey by itself helps treat infections in the throat, it aids in weight loss and above all, honey is used by many diabetic patients as it is much safer when compared to sugar and other sweet alternatives.

Now when honey and sesame seeds are combined, they provide more than a handful of health benefits. Sesame seeds are healthy as they control and lower cholesterol in the body. These seeds are also beneficial in controlling and reducing blood pressure levels. But, when honey and sesame seeds are consumed together, they aid in reducing, preventing and getting rid of 10 different health problems.

Both of these healthy ingredients provide the body with ample of nutrients. Together they also contribute high levels of energy which enable one to perform day to day activities without feeling tired. Experts suggest that one should add honey and sesame seeds to their daily diet. They keep you fit and healthy.

Take a look at the many health benefits of honey and sesame seeds. It will leave you amazed!


Good For The Immune System

Honey and sesame seeds together are beneficial for the immune system. The properties present in honey aid in boosting the immunity. Sesame seeds prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and virus in the body.


Reduces Cravings

For those who have a sweet tooth, honey is preferred and a healthier option. Eat foods that are rich in honey as it not only controls weight gain but also benefits oral health.


Gets Rid Of Pain

When honey and sesame seeds are consumed together it helps relieve pain in the abdomen. It is the most effective cure for menses pain. Sesame also contains iron which promotes a better period.


Treats Stomach Ailments

Stomach ailments can be treated if this healthy treat of honey and sesame seeds is consumed together. Honey contains antioxidants to protect the lining of the stomach and sesame helps get rid of stomach ulcers.


Improves Bone Health

Both of these ingredients have an equal percentage of calcium which promotes bone health. Regular consumption of this food aids in protecting your bones as you age.


It's A Brain Food

There are a handful of foods which are good for the brain and honey is one of them. Honey and sesame seeds provide energy to the brain and improve on motor development too. Children should consume a spoonful of honey.


Gives You Energy

Sesame seeds are loaded with energy and so is honey. Therefore, when these two ingredients are combined, the body receives ample of energy to go ahead with day to day activities.


Reduces Cholesterol

Sesame seeds provide one of the best health benefits; they lower cholesterol in the body. These seeds can be strewn on salads and desserts or can be consumed raw.


For The Diabetics

To prevent type II diabetes, sesame seeds should be a must add to your diet, especially if it runs in the family. On the other hand, honey is the best substitute for sugar for diabetics.


Food For The Kidneys

One of the health benefits of honey and sesame seeds is that it looks after the kidneys. Regular consumption of these two ingredients will prevent kidney stones as well.

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